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Did you know...

the mountain is officially named Wonder Mountain?

The man-made mountain, a unique centerpiece in the former Paramount Park family, originally had walkways that wound up around the mountain. They were closed due to safety reasons after Thunder Run and Vortex were added.

The falls are officially named the Victoria Falls. The Victoria Falls High Dive Show runs daily during the summer months, where divers dive from a platform situated on the right side of the falls.

In addition to the Victoria Falls, Wonder Mountain originally had numerous smaller waterfalls. Slowly, they began disappearing as maintenance on them became harder as the landmark aged. When Cedar Fair purchased the park, they restored the two cascading waterfalls at the top of the mountain.

In 2000, the park's 20th anniversary, The Erruption debuted where fire, fireworks, and sound effects were used to convert Wonder Mountain into an active volcano.

In 2011, the park's 30th birthday, Canada's Wonderland debuted Starlight Spectacular that features stunning 3D projections on the mountain. Trees were removed and the mountain was cleaned up so that the projections would have the best surface to be presented on.

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Wild Beast

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