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The Taft Broadcasting Company first proposes building a theme park in Maple, a town within Vaughan, Ontario. The area was selected due to its close proximity to the 400-series highways. Other locations that were considered included Niagara Falls and Milton.


Construction of the 379-acre theme park begins in April. Over 700 trades people and 12 architectural and engineering firms were behind the construction of the park.


Park officially opens May 23, 1981. The grand opening ceremony included 10,000 helium balloons, 13 parachutists, 350 white doves, a pipe band and four children representing the Arctic, Pacific, Atlantic, and Great Lake regions of Canada. Special guests included the Premiere of Ontario at the time, William Davis, and hockey player, Wayne Gretzky.

The price of one-day adult admission was $17.95. The attendance for the grand opening of the park was approximately 12,000 people. The park cost $120 million to build.


Kings Courtyard, now known as The Courtyard, opens.


The Kingswood Music Theatre opens.


White Water Canyon opens. The Smurf Forest area opens.


Skyrider opens.


Blauer Enzian, which debuted in 1981, is modified and relocated in Wonder Mountain. It is renamed Thunder Run.


The Bat opens. Pharaoh's Eye is removed to make way for Racing Rivers. The Swing of Siam, now known as the Swing of the Century is relocated.


Racing Rivers (now defunt) opens.


Timberwolf Falls opens.


Jet Scream (now defunt) opens.


Vortex opens.


Splashworks water park opens.


Kid's Kingdom, now known as the Candy Factory, opens. Canada's Wonderland is sold to Paramount Communications.


Canada's Wonderland is renamed Paramount Canada's Wonderland. The Paramount Action F/X Theatre opens with Days of Thunder movie. Zumba Flume is removed to make way for Top Gun. The Canterbury Theatre is renamed The Paramount Theatre.


Top Gun, now known as Flight Deck, opens.


Splashworks is expanded across to the other side of the Mighty Canadian Minebuster. The new water attractions include a wave pool, a new water slide, and a childrens play structure. Xtreme Skyflyer opens.


Drop Zone: Stunt Tower, now known as Drop Tower: Scream Zone, opens. Speedcity Raceway opens. Shiva's Fury is renamed The Fury (now defunct). Tucker's Roadside Cafe is renamed Roadside Cafe.


Kid's Kingdom is renamed Kidzville. Jame Bond - License To Thrill movie is added to the Paramount Action F/X Theatre. The Edge, a rock climbing wall, opens. Wilde Night Mares is renamed Nightmares. Viking's Rage is renamed The Rage. Quixote's Kettles is renamed Spinovator. Klockwurker is renamed Klockwerks. Dragon Fyre is renamed Dragon Fire. Wilde Beast is renamed Wild Beast. Happy Landing is renamed Swan Lake. New York Fries opens several locations in the park.


The Fly opens. Super Soaker and The Plunge opens in Splashworks water park. Escape from Dino Island movie is added to the Paramount Action F/X Theatre.


Paramount Canada's Wonderland's 20th anniversary. The Eruption show debuts.Scooby-Doo's Haunted Mansion opens. Cliffhanger, now known as Riptide, opens.


Shockwave opens. Zoom Zone opens with three new rides: Silver Streak, Blast Off, and Jumpin' Jet. 7th Portal is added to the Paramount Action F/X Theatre.


Psyclone opens. The aquarium in Hanna Barbera Land closes. Sol Loco is renamed Orbiter.

In May of 2002, Barry Jones, the general manager at the time, released an open letter to newspapers regarding a rumor that Paramount Canada's Wonderland is moving. In the letter, he states that the rumor is "simply untrue". He goes on to say that the City of Vaughan is their home and Canada's Wonderland is "here to stay".


Sledge Hammer opens. Part of Hanna-Barbera Land is renamed Nickelodeon Central. Warrior of the Dawn and Spongebob Squarepands 3D are added to the Action Theatre. Launch Pad opens. The Fury and the Great Whale of China are removed to make way for Tomb Raider: The Ride. Scooby Splash Island in Splashworks water park is renamed Splash Island Waterways.

On May 11, 2003, a man is fatally shot during a confrontation with another man outside of the park's gates.

On August 14, 2003, the park loses power, along with the rest of the region. The park remains closed for several days and reopens with limited operations.

On August 23, 2003, a gondola on the Jimmy Neutron Brainwasher ride in Nickelodeon Central breaks free from the ride. Three people suffer minor injuries.


A security perimeter was established around the entrance building. Guests were now required to pass through metal detectors and have personal bags and items inspected before entering.

Tomb Raider: The Ride, now known as Time Warp, opens. Metal detectors are added to the parks entrance. SuperStar Recording Studios is removed.

The Orbiter is removed from the park map but still opens later in the spring.

Queue TVs are added to several major rides.


The Italian Job: Stunt Track, now known as Backlot Stunt Coaster, opens. La Cantina, a Mexican-themed restaurant on International Street, closes to make way for Starbucks.

FearFest, a Halloween-themed event, begins.


The security perimeter that was established in 2004 was removed. The metal detectors were moved right up at the front gate.

Paramount's Hollywood Stunt Spectacular (now defunt) opens. The Nickelodeon Celebration Parade (now defunt) debuts.

The Orbiter is closed when the park opens for the season with a sign suggesting its complete removal. The ride is eventually reassembled and opens later in the year.

Paramount Canada's Wonderland is sold to Cedar Fair Entertainment Company.

Spooktacular, a kids Halloween-themed event, begins.


Paramount Canada's Wonderland is renamed Canada's Wonderland. Skating shows return to the Paramount Theatre after many years; Endless Summer on Ice show (now defunt) debuts. Coasters restaurant opens. International Marketplace Buffet opens. The Picnic Pavillion opens.

Spooktacular is discontinued. FearFest is renamed Halloween Haunt.


Behemoth opens. New York Fries locations around the park are renamed Hot Potato. The Italian Job: Stunt Track is renamed Backlot Stunt Coaster. Top Gun is renamed Flight Deck. Cliffhanger is renamed Riptide. Tomb Raider: The Ride is renamed Time Warp. Drop Zone: Stunt Tower is renamed Drop Tower: Scream Zone. The Paramount Theatre is renamed Wonderland Theatre.

Any remaining Queue TVs that were added in 2004 are removed.



Nickelodeon Central is renamed Planet Snoopy with new rides added.

Jet Scream appears on a used ride website. It closes about a month before the end of the season.

Camp Spooky, a kids Halloween-themed event, begins.


Canada's Wonderland's 30th anniversary. Starlight Spectacular show debuts. Windseeker opens. Jet Scream is removed.

A new skip the line premium offering called Fright Lane is introduced during Halloween Haunt.


Leviathan opens. New scenes are added to Starlight Spectacular. Dinosaurs Alive! opens. Dinosaurs Alive 3D is added to the Action Theatre. Coca-Cola Freestyle booth is added in the Behemoth plaza. The Mess Haul hot dog army truck by Flight Deck is rethemed and relocated to Medieval Faire near the Rage.

A new skip the line premium offering called Fast Lane is introduced.


The Starlight Spectacular show takes another direction with many changes and improvements. The bottom of the Royal Fountains pool is painted black. Hundreds of new fountain jets are added to the Royal Fountains. Spotlights are added along the edges of the Royal Fountain and in various locations on top of Wonder Mountain. The show's focus is no longer on scenes projected on the mountain but on the new fountains and lighting effects set to music.

Snoopy's Symphony of Water debuts.


Wonder Mountain's Guardian debuts. This hybrid of a rollercoaster and 3D shooting dark ride is located inside of Wonder Mountain. During Halloween Haunt, the theme of the visuals is switched to a zombies theme.

Fun TV debuts, bringing televisions back to queue lines across the park. (See 2008, when the first trial of queue TVs ended.)

A telecommunications tower with the park's logo on it is built near the helix of Behemoth.

SkyRider gives its final rides on September 1. It is sold and relocated to Cavallino Matto Amusement Park in Italy.

On October 26, two victims of a stabbing, one fatal, were found on the outer edge of the parking lot. The surviving victim is eventually charged in the stabbing.


Typhoon and Splash Station debut as new additions to Splash Works. Typhoon was previously located at Ontario Place in Toronto. SlingShot, a 295 foot Funtime SlingShot ride, is added near Windseeker.

The first drop of Wild Beast is completely retracked.

New payment systems are brought to the park's arcades. This system can also be used to pay for Xtreme Skyflyer and Launch Pad. Those attractions no longer have employees selling admission.

Two new parking tolls are added. A new intersection on Major Mackenzie Drive, west of Jane Street, is constructed. The north side of the intersection is an exit from the parking lot, and the south side of the intersection is a new entrance to the renovated employee parking lot and bus terminal. The short road into the parking lot is officially named Amusement Drive.


SkyHawk and Flying Eagles debut. SkyHawk, located next to Slingshot and Windseeker, is North America's first Gerstlauer Skyroller ride that challenges riders to flip by controlling the wings attached to their seat. Flying Eagles is located in KidZville and replaces the A-Mazing Adventure maze attraction for kids. This is another ride that allows riders to control their ride experience by moving a large sail/fin attached to their gondola.

The Candy Factory activity and slide complex in Kidzville is renovated and renamed as Maple Park Treehouse. Flavourator located next to it is rethemed as the Sugar Shack.

An all-season free refill souviner bottle is introduced alongside the previously offered pay-per-refill souviner bottle.

Muskoka Craft Burger & Beer opens next to Roadside Chicken, and offers gourmet burgers and craft beers. Bistro 81, the Canada's Wonderland food truck, opens in Action Zone in the former Paramount Story area. It opened with a menu that included bison sliders and cobb salad, but changed mid-way through the season to offer Canadiana meals such as Montreal smoked meat sandwiches, pork belly sandwiches, and poutine. Cookie Cafe is renamed to Mountainside Bakery and Cafe. It continues to offer cookiewiches, along with new menu items such as paninis and Starbucks beverages.

Ye Soccer Tournament soccer challenge game opens next to Riptide in Medieval Faire.

After complaints in the United States about Halloween Haunt attractions that involve the theme of mental health facilities, Cedar Fair removed or modified certain Haunt attactions. The new Fear VR: 5150 experience had opened at Knott's Berry Farm and California's Great America, but was removed. Canada's Wonderland, the only other park to get this new Haunt experience, was never able to open the attraction to the public as Wonderland's Haunt hadn't opened for the season before the changes were made. The Asylum maze was renamed to Code Red.


Soaring Timbers and Muskoka Plunge debut.

A new all-season drink plan is introduced alongside the previously offered pay-per-refill and free-refill souviner bottles. With the all-season drink plan, guests scan their season pass to receive a disposable cup.