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CW Opening Day Trip Report (Sunday, April 30, 2017)

Wonderland’s now officially open for 2017! After months of anticipation, it was great to finally be able to get to the park and pick up where I left off as if those wintery months didn’t exist.

Trip Notes

I arrived at the park about 9:50am. There was season pass ERT in the Soaring Timbers area but, knowing Soaring Timbers wasn’t ready and knowing the crowds would be light with the forecasted rain, I decided to skip it.

The metal detector program across Cedar Fair parks has pretty much become consistent. Wonderland got the new metal detectors. They’re paired together now which I think will help form more organized lines on busy days. I’m glad we didn’t get those ugly metal detector huts that other parks have been getting.

There’s this thing set up on International Street near the Tim Hortons. I have no idea what it is…

I made my way directly to Soaring Timbers. Even though I knew it wasn’t going to be open, I wanted to check it out before I did my favorite rides.

The ride was parked at 90º to what it’s supposed to be in the loading position. The back covers of the seats were off as they continued to work on the ride throughout the day.

The area looks incredible, even with some finishing touches still needing to be completed.

After having a moment to admire Soaring Timbers, I went on my regular routine through Action Zone.

They actually cleaned up the restraints for this season. In recent past seasons, it had these zip covers that went over the shoulder and lower part of the restraint.

My first ride of the year was on Behemoth. It was so cold and windy that it was too uncomfortable to marathon which I usually take advantage of on early summer mornings.

The helix on Minebuster was retracked over the off-season but it didn’t really help. Maybe it was the tensing up from the cold but the ride still bordered on boring and uncomfortable.

My first score on Skyhawk was 42 and my highest for the day was 50! There are new storage bins at the center of the platform. They’re actually keeping the entire platform clear, likely to avoid tripping hazards for operators. I don’t really like the placement over the grates as it makes it easier for someone to drop something down there. I would have preferred the boxes be directly underneath the wings, where we were originally instructed to put things last season.

The Bat received a fresh coat of paint which returns it to its original paint scheme. The orange was such an eye-sore. There’s also a new sign that specifically says it’s not on Fast Lane and lists the nearest rides with it.

Leviathan and Drop Tower were down for the count while I was at the park, though I know Leviathan did open up after I left.

Drop Tower has a little Canadian flair to it this year with a red maple leaf behind each gondola number.

I really like the maple leaf toppers on signs throughout the park.

Courtyard has a new sign structure by Timberkits. The same guys who did the sign were also responsible for a new pavilion in Courtyard, the lamp posts around Soaring Timbers, and a mystery structure in Splashworks

Muskoka Plunge is quite taller than I realized with it being visible in the distance. I’m not a waterpark guy but I’m still excited to see something new like this for Splashworks.

The Splashworks mystery structure mentioned previously is the wooden thing on the right side of this picture.

I would recommend Backlot Cafe to anyone who visits Wonderland. The variety of options and the quality of food is incredible. There have been some changes this year. Some stations have been moved around and there’s a new Mediterranean station. The Teryaki station is no longer there.

Aside from these changes in Backlot, I did not recognize any of the other planned changes in regards to dining at the park. I don’t know where Timbers BBQ or La Cantina are, and The Chippery still looks the same despite the Wonderland Craft Chippery rename. There’s also the Sugar Bush Waffle & Dairy Bar listed on the park map in International Festival that I did not spot while I was there. I did notice the Skyflyer refresh station was gone but the park map indicates that the nearby candy apple stall next to True North Gifts will be turned into a refreshment station.


This is my first season with the season meal plan so I decided to try something I don’t normally get. I got the curried beef at Backlot Cafe. The picture may not look that appetizing but it was actually very delicious and cooked extremely well. I’m not sure if it’s luck but the serving seemed surprisingly large. No complaints there!

While I was at Backlot, I purchased the all-season drinks plan with no bottle. Unprompted, I was told to keep my receipt just in case. When I asked if people were having problems with it, I was told that I shouldn’t have any issues since she was confident that she correctly linked the program to my pass. That leads me to believe that there may have been cases where it didn’t go so smoothly for some people…

I didn’t stay at the park long enough to get dinner.

Trip Video

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