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May 20 & 22 Trip Report

Trip Notes

Saturday, May 20, 2017

It was a gorgeous day to start off the Victoria Day long weekend! The air was still cool so sweaters and jackets were still on, but it was great to finally sport the sunglasses.

I headed to Soaring Timbers first. To my surprise, it was actually closed. The hatch was open, which was a bit strange since they never had it open during its testing phase.

Later in the day, I saw that the gondola was rotated and chained down. I thought that was interesting…. This story continues later on in this post.

A nice alternative to Soaring Timbers is Shockwave, which is not too far away and has been under our noses since 2001. It’s a very fun ride running a nice forceful cycle, even in the inside seats.

When I got in line, the grouper/preload attendant was clearly new. Shockwave has two pre-loading areas so it makes people load onto the ride platform in different directions. This attendant was loading a full cycle’s worth of people into each preload queue, instead of half and half. As we stood watching everyone in the other preload queue board, we saw the operator tell her to stop loading so many people.

Snoopy’s Symphony of Water debuted on Friday. The fountains that move weren’t on so there were parts of the show where nothing was happening. Kudos to Snoopy for still staying in the spirit even when the fountains weren’t listening!

I’ll save my opinion on Wonder Mountain’s Guardian for another day but I found it interesting seeing the 3D glasses on the ground a few times already this season. When I rode it the one time last season, they collected the glasses before we were out of our seats.

I saw some work being done on the Freestyle refill station near Behemoth over the last visits. It was open this weekend and it was great to see the new configuration. Before, it was just two Freestyle machines behind the cashier so it was a mess with people trying to move in and out from behind the register. I’m glad that it has a better flow to it now, along with more capacity with two sets of regular fountains.

The park map lists a new International Street “Craft Chippery & Pretzel”. I haven’t seen any signage for it but I did spot this menu this weekend that includes pretzels. I assume some more work on the new location will be done swiftly like Timbers BBQ and La Cantina.

On the topic of food, Backlot Cafe finally added the burgers in the American station to the dining plan, except they all have a $2 upgrade fee except for the veggie. It’s a bit of a bummer but, since I’ve already made up the value of the dining plan I feel a little more inclined to start upgrading. I love those bison burgers.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Soaring Timbers looked even worse when I showed up on Monday. It was covered with a tarp, probably hastily put on for the rain that came the day before (which cancelled the Victoria Day fireworks).

They removed the main arm motor and it’s likely been sent off for repairs (if not, some other part that the motor must be removed to get to). It was really sad to see wires hanging out and in disarray. I hope it makes a speedy recovery because I’m craving another ride on it.

They added graphics to that mystery machine on International Street I spotted on opening day. It’s a FunPix station that lets you pose up in front of Wonder Mountain. Personally, I don’t really get the point since everyone’s carrying around a smartphone these days.

Wonderland was celebrating it’s 36th anniversary on Victoria Day (though it’s birthday is actually the next day on May 23). They had street performers, including this woman with a glass ball.

Also, a super tall Mountie.

They had free cake for guests like they did last year.

The Peanuts Dance Party was pretty fun! It had the same soundtrack as last year but I found people really got into it this time around. Check out the trip video below for some scenes from the party!

Lunch / Diner

On Saturday, I had the curry beef from Backlot. It’s 2/2 for this meal — It’s great! Next time I get it, though, I’ll have to ask for some extra gravy over the rice. The first person who served this meal to me did that without me asking.

Later on, I had the meat lasagna, again at Backlot. (Sometimes, when other food places are in a rush, Backlot can be quick. Sometimes.) I don’t like to be too picky but I’ll say that it was a bit on the salty side and it could use some more meat… but it’s still something I’d get again as it was well cooked (that cheese crisp!), cheesy, and that full layer of ricotta cheese was excellent.

On Sunday, I had a chicken nugget basket from Chicken Shack. Perfect as always. I didn’t bother taking a picture since it’s the sort of thing that looks exactly the same every time… and I’d rather accumulate pictures of Sledgehammer than pictures of chicken nuggets.

Trip Video

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