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May 27 & 28 Trip Report

Trip Notes

Saturday, May 27, 2017

After seeing Soaring Timbers out of service last weekend, I was hoping to see it open or at least some progress on it. There was lots going on at the ride as they try to get it back in proper order. I spotted the motor sitting behind the ride.

I was told last weekend that they were waiting on a part that had broken. I suspect the part on the forklift is the one they were replacing because it was wrapped in plastic earlier in the day in the first picture.

Throughout the day, they were up and down, tending to the motor area.

Splashworks opened for the season and it looks very nice! There are some nice landscaping additions and this new seating area that looks out at Muskoka Plunge. I don’t think Muskoka Plunge actually opened this weekend though.

There’s a new Ben & Jerry’s ice cream truck at the new patio area near Minebuster where the basketball game used to be.

I noticed these small no smoking signs at a lot of the patios around the park.

Flowers are starting to be planted around the park.

The floral flag is back with “150” written in the middle of the maple leaf to celebrate Canada 150.

Sunday, May 28, 2017

There was Leviathan ERT this morning. I was in line a few minutes before the park opened so I was able to walk on.

Over at Timbers, I was happy to see the motor back in place!

By the afternoon, they got it slowly going around. I hope everything works out so that we’ll be riding Soaring Timbers again next week!

While I was hanging around the ride, there were a lot of people pointing at it and saying it looks like fun. I’m excited to ride it again but also for other people to ride it for the first time!

By the time Saturday comes around, I’m desperate to get to the park so I actually go. Those visits are hectic, waiting in lines and dodging people and the lines that spill out into the midway. Sometimes, I forget how nice Sundays can be. The weather was great today and the crowds were still very manageable.

As I was leaving, Snoopy’s Symphony of Water was going on. I personally like watching the show from the sides but it takes better pictures from the front like above.

Lunch / Diner

I decided to try something from Alpen Cheesery, the mac and cheese place that was new last year. Everything is already prepared ahead of time but the macaroni is reheated in individual pans for each order. I got the chilli mac and cheese and added cheddar on top. You have the option to add mozzarella and parmasan too. It was delicious but I think it was responsible for messing up my stomach because of how rich it is with all the cheese, cream, and oils. I still want to give the other mac and cheese varieties a try though. I really wish they would do these varieties with fries instead at Hot Potato, and add it to the dining plan of course!

For dinner, I had nuggets and fries from Riverside Snacks because everywhere else was so busy.

On Sunday, I decided to try the cheeseburger from Thrill Burger this time. I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the beef patty, which was far superior to the ones at Coasters. My only issue was that it was sitting under a heat lamp for a bit too long that the bottom bun got stiff and the lettuce turned mushy. Still better than the Coasters burger.

With the good experience with the cheeseburger earlier at Thrill Burger, I went back again and had the crispy chicken burger. It’s a good sized piece of chicken with good toppings. I hope these two things at Thrill Burger stay consistent because I’ll be back for more later!

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