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May 6 & 7 Trip Report

Trip Notes

Saturday, May 6, 2017

On Saturday, I had my first look at Soaring Timbers in action!

For most of my day at the park, there was something going on at the ride. The ride was moving for most of the day. Finishing details were starting to be put in place, from height requirement signs…

… to a nice wooden exit sign!

During the week, they erected a curvy queue canopy structure. The queue path leading to the switch backs has a similar structure which already has a green covering on it.

Muskoka Plunge is coming along nicely. It shouldn’t be too long before the drop pods are put into place, which I spotted in the parking lot staging area over the weekend.

With the cold winds and constant drizzle, crowds were non-existent and rides were either going down or at limited capacity (ie. one train operation). To be honest, with the cold visits so far and the updates around the park to look at, I haven’t gotten much into a riding mood yet.

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Sunday was my first visit this year where it was actually sunny! It was still cold though.

I noticed the Laser Quest thing in Medieval Faire is gone. Maybe we’ll get something like that VR thing at Knott’s, though it’s not something I’m interested in.

Soaring Timbers looks great in the sunny daylight. I didn’t see it cycle except for once when the park opened. Also something new for this weekend is the little rapids thing going on at the top of the waterfall.

Sledgehammer was giving trouble throughout the day so I spent some time looking on.

It was a very short visit to the park, only a few hours long. There was a street hockey event in the parking lot which I forgot was there. I was expecting it to be bigger when I first heard about it.

Lunch / Diner

One of the reasons I visited on Saturday was to take full advantage of the two meals per visit on the season meal plan. I went with the butter chicken at Backlot for my lunch. I can’t say it’s my favourite thing but it was worth a shot. The serving of chicken was considerably smaller than the beef I got on opening day.

I had a cheeseburger (they forgot the cheese) meal from Coasters, which I ate at Backlot because Coasters was full and it was too cold outside to eat. I kinda ruined it by moving between locations because the burger got cold by the time I got to Backlot. I didn’t oversalt those fries though.

Side note: The website is lying when it says the burger at Backlot is on the meal plan. I can’t even upgrade to my bison burger. 🙁

On Sunday, I had the chicken nugget basket from Chicken Shack. The staff were excellent! They were very helpful to other guests and attentive. (The other associate at the register noticed the one that took my order became busy with a guest so he started distributing his orders.) The food itself was well prepared and the chipotle sauce was excellent. The one weird thing about Chicken Shack is that they give you a smaller generic cup if you’re on the drink plan. Both Coasters and Backlot gave me a regular Coke-branded cup so I’m not sure what the deal is there.

Soaring Timbers Testing Video

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