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June 4, 2017 Trip Report

CW Notes


With the website drama unfolding, I was in a rough mood heading to the park. I was excited to check out Soaring Timbers though, which had reopened earlier in the week after being down for repairs.


It was a bit chilly and raining as I got to the park but the weather improved as soon as I entered the gates.


The ad banners for Brew & BBQ are up on International Street. I’m really excited to visit during that event since I missed it last year. I don’t really like beer but food and live music is always nice!


My first stop was Soaring Timbers. I was fourth in line behind a group. We were told by the attendant that we’d have to wait for at least another six people to show up, making it at least ten on board. This was a rule that was in place when I first rode the ride a few weeks ago. I’m not really sure what the reason is.


Since it didn’t seem like anyone else would get in line, I decided to take a walk down to Sledgehammer and Behemoth where I got a couple rides in.

I eventually made my way back to Soaring Timbers. After a couple rides, it went back to waiting for 10 people.

I’m disappointed by how tame the ride has become. It’s slower and rotates in a way that makes it difficult for the gondolas to complete a full flip. It had a couple of those nice moments going face first toward the ground, but it felt underwhelming that it would never actually make that full rotation over.

As I was boarding Vortex, I got a tweet about Soaring Timbers from Iain on Twitter. I realized he was the other single rider that was on Soaring Timbers. I introduced myself and we spent a few hours hitting some rides, including three runs on Leviathan which was a walk-on.


I skipped Skyhawk the past couple of visits so it was nice to get a good run on it. 31 flips, and I have a witness!


After Iain left, I did some walking around. There’s a new Booster Juice truck near Flight Deck, which replaces the generic snack stall.


The Arthur’s Baye structure got a little bit more red to it with new red drapes on the bottom. They were previously white.


With the website stuff on my mind, I felt like leaving early to get it all sorted out at home. It was a short visit to mark my 10th for the season. I can’t wait to get back next weekend.


I tried the pork souvlaki at Backlot Cafe. It comes with potatoes (or you can get lemon rice instead), greek salad, pita bread, and tzatziki sauce.

The meat itself was very nice. (I wish they gave you at least one more stick though.) The rest of the meal wasn’t very good. The potatoes were really dry. As for the salad, I was expecting something light like cucumbers, lettuce, tomatoes, and feta… not bell peppers and beans. An hour after I ate this meal, let’s just say I found myself rushing to the washroom. Sorry to say, this is not something I’d get again.

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