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The State of CoasterCircuits

I think this is blog #3 for CoasterCircuits. It’s not my fault this time.

The Timeline of Events

Here’s what happened on Sunday, June 4, 2017:

7am: is compromised. The blog homepage displays a “ransomware” style message. The rest of my websites are inaccessible.

8am: I receive a notification on my phone that it cannot log into my email accounts I have with the websites. In addition to having all of my files encrypted/corrupted, they somehow managed to delete my email accounts. This is the point I found out about what had happened.

8:10am: Leave for Wonderland because Wonderland.

4pm: Call webhost support line. Their backups of my websites were made after the attack had happened so I couldn’t pay for them to have it restored to a proper state, not like I would have shelled out $150 for it anyway. I was given the option to reset my entire hosting account, which would delete everything on it.

In the end, I decided to delete everything and cancel my hosting package altogether.

What’s the Plan?

CoasterCircuits will live on as a blog hosted at because I have no confidence in self-hosting a WP blog again right now. My two .com domain names will redirect you. The domain name will redirect you to the WordPress-hosted blog. Update: All 2017 trip reports have been restored, thanks to them being cached by Google!

I’d like to bring back a photo gallery to share my Wonderland trip pictures again but I’m unsure of where to go for that right now. Stay tuned.

Thank you for visiting.

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