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We’re going to the Island! A trip to Centreville!

After a long day at Canada’s Wonderland the day before (Trip report ETA: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯), I decided to put a pause on the back-to-back Wonderland trips and head downtown for a mind-clearing walk, which is what I tend to do in the off-season.

I wanted to check out the TTC streetcars that were now using pantographs instead of the pole. I also wanted to see Word on the Street, which is a festival for literacy with presentations by authors and lots of opportunities to pick up some books.

After quickly becoming uncomfortable at Word on the Street by realizing I probably should read more, I decided to take a ferry over to Centre Island. There was a line at the ticket booths so I pulled up the online ticket service, bought my ticket, and bypassed the regular line into the terminal, all within a minute. Technology!

The ferry at the time wasn’t too crowded so I was able to get a nice spot at the back of the ferry which gives a great view of the city as you float away.

The birds were greeting me upon arrival.

The whole laid-back vibe on the Islands is just so pleasant that I wish I had come here more often in the summer.

With the flooding that did a number on the Islands just before the summer, some parts look a bit off. The appropriately named Duck Pond at Centreville was still bustling with wildlife, though some of the small docks were damaged and inaccessible.

I was happy to see their new skyride open as it was under construction when I walked through Centreville last year. I wasn’t really following but, upon some light research, it appears that the old one was replaced after a child fell while boarding the old one and broke some bones.

It’s such a large piece of steel machinery that looks out of place, yet impressive at the same time.

It wasn’t too crowded but there was still a nice amount of people to make the place feel alive enough.

The Toronto Island Mine Coaster, which I still have not ridden, is a cute little coaster. It’s still fairly new as it opened in 2014.

One of my favorite parts of Centreville is the farm. Unfortunately, it remained closed for the season after the flooding.

I’m no photographer but the Islands would bring out the photographer in anyone with a camera here. It’s definitely a great place to experiment with angles.

After a little while of touring around Centreville, I decided to continue my walk elsewhere.

There were lots of people lining the beaches and out in the water. It was perfect weather for that.

After walking to Hanlan’s and back, it was time to go.

I should do this more often.


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