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Preparing for Our Future Enjoyment for 2018 and Beyond!

Little Flags Scream Big Things Coming

After the first weekend of October, the path stretching between Minebuster’s entrance and the smoking area near the Splashworks entrance has been closed to guests. This weekend, we actually saw signs of something to come.

The majority of the fencing that bordered the grassy area where Skyrider once stood has been taken down with yellow tape now bordering it. Utility flags noting buried electrical mark certain spots in the grass.

What makes it even more interesting is that the flags cross Vortex and onto the hill on the other side.

There are a few stakes as well, including on Skyrider’s land.

Over on the path that runs next to Timberwolf Falls is this stake with an additional painted marking on the ground.

There are stakes leading from a shed immediately next to Timberwolf Falls out to the path.

So, with all that laid out, let’s get into some speculation which will probably sound either really cool or really dumb in hindsight when we know what’s happening.

I’m assuming these are signs for a 2019 rollercoaster with construction to begin probably immediately after the season ends. The purpose for these kinds of markers are to note where to avoid digging so you don’t damage existing infrastructure. If that’s the case, the placement of all of these markers would mean construction would be happening around them, which says something about the large scale of this project considering the flags are all around Vortex and Timberwolf Falls. I expect the entire area basically around Vortex will be wall-ed off when we return in 2018.

When it was announced that Skyrider was being removed, they kept saying something to the effect of its area being a great place in the center of the park between Splashworks and Wonder Mountain. That’s always been a big tip-off that the next thing to come in that area will be big and will cross Vortex. Dare I say it may also interact with the Mountain somehow? Either way, it looks like whatever they were hinting at is finally coming.

Winterfest is Coming in 2018!

In an article with information from Cedar Fair’s current CEO, Matt Ouimet, he confirmed that Canada’s Wonderland will be getting Winterfest in 2018!

Extending the park season

Another Ouimet initiative: WinterFest, the holiday-themed festival, with rides and entertainment, which debuted last year at California’s Great America. This year, WinterFest will expand to three more parks, including Kings Island near Cincinnati.

And next year, look for it at Canada’s Wonderland in Ontario.


I am so excited to see how this works out and what rides would be open. I would expect them to bring in many external vendors and entertainment which I believe helps them put together well-rounded events.


Looking at the future of Canada’s Wonderland and really that area of Vaughan is so exciting to think about. Transit options are being upgraded for people coming to the park with the subway extension from Toronto coming up to Vaughan with the terminal a short bus ride away from Wonderland. This opens later this year. There’s the hospital being built across the street from the park which is slated to open in 2020. Then we have Wonderland doing things like Winterfest in 2018, a coaster in 2019, and a hotel at some point (did we forget about that already?).

I’m excited.

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