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The Light at the End of the Tunnel (Future Coaster News!)

Off-Season Detective Work

I’ll admit that, while I’m crazy for the park, I find it far too boring to weed through city documents for clues or drag my butt near a closed amusement park to snoop around. Luckily, there are people more dedicated than I.

American Coaster Enthusiasts Canada posted a link to a document from the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority that gives us major clues about what’s about to happen. A direct link to the document is here and the pages we are interested in are 45 and 46. Here are a few interesting quotes from the document:

The permit will be issued for the period of January 12, 2018 to January 11, 2020 in accordance
with the following documents and plans which form part of this permit

The permit is already valid and remains valid until 2020. My assumption is that these permits are issued in yearly intervals and that the construction would be wrapped up way before January 2020… like April 2019.

The proposal is to alter a waterway and construct in the Regional Storm Floodplain of a tributary
of the Don River in order to facilitate the construction of a new roller coaster at Canada’s
Wonderland. A low-flow by-pass channel is proposed around a current on-line pond to facilitate
the construction of a ride tunnel within the pond and regulatory floodplain. In addition, nine
support piers are proposed within the regulated area.

Here’s the juiciest part of what we care about. The document confirms an actual roller coaster with a tunnel within a pond and that the area will see 9 support columns.

The proposed site is located at the south end of Canada’s Wonderland, within an online pond, north of an existing online stormwater pond. The subject site is currently manicured lawn and an on-line pond.

This part pinpoints the site in the park, although I am a bit confused by some of the wording. I’m understanding the “existing online stormwater pond” would be the one that Behemoth is next to so north of that would be the pond Vortex sits on. It also states that the subject site includes a manicured lawn, which would be the one next to Vortex. Here’s a graphic I made to illustrate:

The location of the makers we saw before the 2017 season ended and the construction we’ve seen documented over on the canadaswonderlandfan Instagram page would also confirm this to be the spot, even if I may have confused certain things referred to in the document…

It’s exciting times to be a Wonderland fan with all of the construction happening! Shoutout to ACE and canadaswonderlandfan on Instagram for all of the information!

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