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#WhatsInTheBin (Part 1)

Back in November, I decided to buy a bin to put all of my old Wonderland memorabilia in which were previously just tossed in a giant bag.

Like the giant bag, everything was all mixed up still but just in a different container. With time on my hands this long weekend, I decided to pull off the lid and do some organizing.

I had a bunch of document sleeves sitting around so I had a great way to organize everything already. Unfortunately, I’m probably going to need a second binder. I was able to get it down to a reasonable size once I removed duplicate maps from it.

In this #WhatsInTheBin blog series, I’ll share some of the things I’ve kept. As a bit of a background, my collection begins around 2002 to present day, unfortunately with a few gaps. Since the whole reason for keeping these things is for their sentimental value, I’m not really comfortable buying to fill in the gaps.

Anyways, let’s take a peek!

The binder opens up with maps going from 2003 to the current year. As I mentioned, I am missing a couple of years in the early 2010’s.

2003 was when I started to get more into amusement parks so I requested materials from all of the Paramount Parks. I have all of their maps from that year, as well as a Cedar Point Getaway Guide from 2004.

I loved the Season Pass Insider mailer they used to send out at least once every year. They were big fold-out brochures that advertised what’s new for the year and had coupons on the back. They got smaller and smaller and now I don’t think they send them out at all since everything can be sent online.

This New Ride for 2004 flyer is probably one of my more interesting keeps. They were handing these out on entry to the park at the end of 2003 to advertise the new flying coaster which went as “The Flying Coaster” for a short while until they announced the Tomb Raider theming. I remember being so excited because it ended our coaster drought since 1995 with Top Gun/Flight deck… It’s easily the worst thing from the Paramount era, especially since we lost two fun flat rides for this coaster I never ride.

This safety and parking handout was distributed at the parking tolls on a Victoria Day long weekend, though I’m not sure what year exactly. I’d say 2006 but it could be a year or two earlier than that.

Switching gears from printed pages, here are two shirts. The retro Canada’s Wonderland one was from my parents who visited the park before I was born back in early 1980’s. It was a funny story discovering that we still had this. I was looking at old pictures of my parents and I noticed that my dad was wearing this shirt on a beach. I asked if he still had it and a few minutes later he returned with it.

The blue PCW logo shirt was one of my favourite shirts to wear back in the day so I’m glad that the logo is still relatively intact. I wish they’d still do simple logo shirts like this.

This is one of the older Paramount Parks bags.

The newer and last Paramount Parks bag was see-through around the edges. It also had an actual graphic related to the parks on it.

That’s all I’ve got for now. Stay tuned for Part 2 soon! Thanks for visiting the blog!

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