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April 29, 2018 Trip Report – Opening Day!

Trip Notes

A new season has finally arrived and there’s so much to see at the park!

The very first change you’ll notice is brand new paint all over the entrance building. I’m still getting used to the bright teal colour they used but I like the red and green color accents.

I got to the park just before 9am because it was ERT in the Lumberjack and Kidzville areas.

My first ride of the season was Vortex because Lumberjack wasn’t quite ready yet. I love the new paint job on the trains!

After riding Vortex, I saw Lumberjack had opened so I got in line and we boarded. After sitting in our seats for a few minutes, the ride went down. There’s still some fine-tuning being done as a man presumably from Zamperla was with the operators checking out the ride.

Since I couldn’t get a ride on Lumberjack, I decided to take a short walk and check out another new ride for the season, Flying Canoes. There was lots of activity at the ride as they work to get it open. I saw it rotate a few times throughout the day.

The tiny Canyon Trader stall was replaced by this fantastic olde tyme style store. It’s beautifully decorated inside with a rustic feeling.

There’s some nice apparel and sweet candy waiting inside.

After a short time browsing, I noticed Lumberjack was running again so I made my way back and was able to get on.

I have a few thoughts about this ride but basically… it’s a winner. It’s beautifully themed and the ride itself is really fun!

  • The ride experience is thrilling because of the hangtime, not so much the positive g-forces I was expecting. It doesn’t feel as strong as something like Psyclone. You can sort of feel and hear the ride controlling how fast the down swing goes.
  • I had three rides on Lumberjack. Two of the rides were on the far ends and one in one of the middle rows. The experience on the ends is really cool as you zip past the other gondola and because you’re free to kick your legs out in the air and not into the legs of someone sitting in front of you. I loved how a lot of people were having fun yelling hi and waving at the people in the other gondola as we past each other upside down.
  • The only one minor issue I had was people from the opposite pre-load area filling seats on our side. I’m glad they don’t assign seats (because it irritates me more when people don’t go where they’re supposed to) but I would have liked to see some kind of way to divide the two groups loading on the platform.

It was time to check out what else is new at the park… There are so many pictures of this out there now so I might as well throw mine into the mix.

It was interesting to hear what people had to say as they walked by the construction and tunnels. There were some that had the lingo going while others were just excited about a new roller coaster and the construction in general.

Vortex is going to be so fun when the new coaster is built up. The fly by so close to the opening just seems unreal.

Other new things around the park include a refreshed snacks stall in Kidzville called School House Snacks.

There’s also the expanded Roadside Chicken and combination of Muskoka Craft Burger & Beer and the Craft Chippery. It was a little confusing at first because the round Muskoka sign is where the unlabeled Roadside Chicken pickup window is.

This incredible new billboard sits on the roof. I think it used to be a vintage-style Coca-Cola ad.

On the topic of food, there were a few new things to note around the park. There’s this new express line at Ristorante/International Street Pizza Pizza for people with any type of prepaid dining.

Expo Snacks, which was a combination of Pizza Pizza, Hot Dog, and Hot Potato is now just Pizza Pizza.

The Hot Potato in International Festival was made into one of the new Poutinerie locations.

I spotted these new drink fountains at Thrill Burger in Medieval Faire.

Merchandise has really stepped up their game with things I’d actually wear.

They have a full line-up of different coloured tees for rides like Behemoth, Lumberjack, Soaring Timbers, and The Bat.

All the Rage was hosting another “Last Ride” sale which is basically a clearance sale. I got this Vortex magnet and a Behemoth magnet for $1 in total. You can’t go wrong with that!

Unfortunately, the $7.99 opening day tee was sold out by the time I went to get one at Thrills are Wonderland. Oh well.

Some rides have these new large Funpix logos so people can spot them in the park.

The “modern” fountains were doing some things all day. I couldn’t tell if it was playing parts of one of the shows but it was really pleasant to watch even with no music to go along with it.

Psyclone was down for the day.

Sledgehammer was down as well.

It appears as though the ride is getting some exceptional service with this sitting on the platform and wires dangling from the gondolas. I take it they’re giving it a thorough look through so it’ll be happily jumping this season.

And that’s it! This opening day felt a lot like a preview for the season as I mostly focused on the new things and some of my favourite rides were closed. I’m excited to get back to the park as things straighten out for the summer.

Lunch & Dinner

For lunch, I had the “award-winning” burger from Muskoka Craft Burger.

Before I go any further, I just want to put it out there that I understand that it’s opening day and that they fell behind preparing for the season due to an ice storm a few weeks ago. A lot of the staff around the park were still being trained and were very new to their jobs so I let things go.

The menu is surprisingly vague with only pictures and the names on it. It’s hard to distinguish the difference between the two burgers that have really generic names (“Award Winning” and “Hand Crafted”). The old Muskoka Craft Burger menu listed every major ingredient in the burgers.

This meal took a very long time to be prepared, like more than half an hour long. Once they gave it to me, I took a peek inside to discover… they didn’t put the burger patty in it. After returning and being apologized to profusely, I was on my way with this meal.

I’ve had a lot of good burgers at the park. If we’re being honest, this one was not one to remember, though the service may have something to do with it. I love that these Muskoka Craft meals come with the Chippery chips though so I’ll return at some point in the season to try the other burgers and hopefully have a better experience.

For my second meal, I had the crispy chicken burger from Thrill Burger in Medieval Faire. You actually get a big portion of fries in a basket now rather than in one of those small cups. It’s a nice improvement!

The chicken burger had a different sauce than what was used last season. It’s more of a mild buffalo sauce. I enjoyed it.

Trip Video

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