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May 12, 2018 Trip Report

Trip Notes

The forecast earlier in the week had heavy rain but changed by the time Saturday rolled around. I got to the park at about 12:30pm.

My first stop was to check up on Sledgehammer. There were a three guys around on the platform working on pieces of the gondolas. It was a bit funny to see one of the guys exit through the back and hop over to Psyclone because it had gone down.

By the looks of things, they’re really treating the ride to a full refurbishment. They’re in the process of connecting what I’d guess is new wiring. In addition to pieces of the seats being taken off, they also took off the coverings that cover the teeth that engage with the gondola motors, which I’ve never seen before.

They had a cherry picker and skyjack parked on the platform. I didn’t see them in use as whatever they were working on today was accessible with just a ladder.

Over by Vortex, they laid new sod all over the hill and there are “keep off” signs along the path. Of course, there were a few guests who felt that it didn’t apply to them.

Lumberjack also got some new sod put down. I still can’t get over how pretty the area looks.

The usual places for flowers around the park look like they are prepped to receive plants soon.

I get put off really easily by Leviathan’s queue once it gets any longer than a few of the switchbacks in the back. Today, I didn’t see it get much longer than the first switch so I got a couple of rides in.

The grouper at Leviathan was pretty good but the ones at Behemoth were something else… They didn’t pay any attention to what was happening in the rows as there was train after train with multiple empty seats, sometimes even in rows next to each other.┬áThat’s fine when trains are flying out of the station and there’s not enough time to group people together before they load the next train but they were stacking trains like I have never seen at Behemoth. When I finally got on, the attendant pushed unnecessarily hard on my restraint. I’m disappointed because the crew at Behemoth last year was my favourite and had even won Crew of the Year.

Over at Skyhawk, the scoreboard wasn’t working so I don’t have proof but I heard “63” when the op was calling out my number of flips. That sets my new personal best on this ride, which is one flip more than last year… which was one flip more than the year before that. Maybe I’ll get 64 next year?

The Woofjocks show is back at the tent-less International Showplace. It has a summer camp theme which was kind of cute.

Two new Timberkits structures are going up in Splashworks. I’d guess they’re for lockers but I also want to guess that the one pictured is a new Splashworks entrance because I don’t really see the path between Minebuster and Timberwolf Falls connecting anymore with the construction happening.

Despite the few hiccups and many ill-mannered people I came across (Line-jumping even in food lines? Really?), today was an excellent day! My appetite for riding is back after getting more rides in this time. It’ll be perfect once Sledgehammer opens back up, hopefully for the upcoming long weekend!

Lunch & Dinner

My first meal was the chicken mac and cheese from Alpen Cheesery. I was originally excited to get the butter chicken version (listed on the website) but was told they didn’t have that. The Poutinerie next door has a butter chicken item so I guess that’s where that is.

But anyways, it’s nothing fancy but it was a good meal. My only wish is that it would be served hotter.

For my second meal, I got the vegetarian lasagna from Backlot Cafe. I went in with the intention of getting the meat lasagna but they were sold out of it. The veggie version is still nice, though, because I like the creamy sauce. I sometimes even get it over the meat because it’s a quality dish. (I didn’t snap any pictures of it worth sharing.)

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