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May 19 & 21, 2018 Trip Report – Victoria Day Long Weekend!

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Trip Notes

The weather did not look good for the day so of course I’d make an effort to get to the park. Although these weather conditions tire me out pretty quickly, I can’t miss the opportunity for walk-on lines!

Trees are filling in around the park. Planters are still bare around the park but those should be filled in soon!

The Action Zone Poutinerie has pulled up next to Flight Deck. It’s the park’s food truck rebranded with the Poutinerie logo and menus covering the Bistro logos.

Sledgehammer was still down for the count this weekend. I was hoping I’d at least see some test cycles today. One of the hatches was opened midday so I had to try taking a peek… All I could see was a ladder.

The fog was a real highlight for me. It’s exciting as you climb the lift of Leviathan and then everything other than the ride itself turns just white.

The rain and gloomy conditions scared off a lot of people, combined with the fact that most will visit Sunday anyway for the fireworks. This meant really short lines, including a one cycle wait for Thunder Run. This ride is identical to my memories of it in the 90’s, aside from the missing heartbeat sound effect in the station. I love it.

Over at the construction site, they’re forming a path (interlock going in) that goes from Skyrider’s former entrance to Splashworks. Work is also happening in Splashworks since the waterpark opens in a few days.

This poster popped up earlier this week outside of the Canyon Trader store near Flying Canoes…

Lunch & Dinner

For lunch, I decided to have the black bean veggie burger from Thrill Burger. I like the veggie burgers for being a lighter meal, even though the delightful basket of fries counters it. This burger today was a bit mushy but still alright.

For my second meal, I had the chicken tenders from Chicken Shack. This is the first time having the plain tenders this season and I was excited to see what they’d be like with their push for fresher and higher quality foods. These did not disappoint. The breading is a nice herb blend, though it did need ketchup to give it more taste as it wasn’t as salty as I was expecting (which is still fine and may even be preferable for some). Definitely a go-to meal.

Monday, May 21, 2018

Trip Notes

Unlike Saturday, Monday was a hot picture-perfect day. My intention was to pop in for just a few hours.

The main reason for visiting was to check out the festivities for the park’s 37th birthday celebration. The park’s actual birthday is May 23 but they’ve been celebrating on Victoria Day Monday for the past few years now.

The only rides I got were a couple on Behemoth. I also happened to run into some of the Amusement Insiders guys. It was an interesting short visit.

It was a party on International Street. Everyone’s favourite towering Mountie was back this year!

Something new this year was a juggling performer on a unicycle. It’s always great to see more talent being brought in for these events!

The dance party went on in front of the Royal Fountains with the Peanuts gang.

After all that dancing, it was time for cake!


For lunch, I decided to give the “award winning” burger at Muskoka Burgers another shot after the not-so-good experience on Opening Day.

Long story short, they did not redeem themselves.

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