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May 5, 2018 Trip Report

Trip Notes

After spending the early morning at work, I got to the park around 12:30pm.

I went to get a ride on Behemoth before getting something to eat. I saw that they installed the slew bearing on Sledgehammer that had been sitting on the platform last week. There are still cables hanging down from the gondolas so, while I’m optimistic that they could have it running by next weekend, I wouldn’t really be surprised if it took them another week longer.

Psyclone, which was down last weekend, is up and running for the season!

Riptide, which was also down last weekend, has opened up for the season and was running wet cycles!

There was a major wind storm that blew through the area the day before and knocked over a bunch of trees around the park. They did a really good job cleaning up. The worst looking part was at International Showplace with caution tape blocking the entrance with a few visible tree stumps and cut up trees just inside.

A short list of rides were down today, possibly due to the heavy winds they experienced. Soaring Timbers was missing the green cover over the cross motor area so I assume its an issue there.

Time Warp was down. No tears were shed.

The Bat, which valleyed between the loop and cobra roll the day before, was down in the morning but began test cycling sometime in the afternoon. I’m not sure if it reopened later in the day.

Windseeker kept going down because of some windy periods.

Not pictured is a closed Skyhawk, which is unfortunate because of how the wind gusts help people flip and I’m sure people would have taken advantage.

Lumberjack is still a lot of fun! I managed to get an end seat again.

Something I noticed were sap buckets they put on a bunch of trees behind Lumberjack. I’m impressed by how well they’re detailing this area. The area is so well developed already at this point that I’m sure it won’t be very long before they give it an official name.

Flying Canoes, which was being worked on last weekend, opened up this week.

There was a constant line for it and everyone looked like they were enjoying the ride. It’s a cute little ride and a great addition to the area and park.

The ride is quite loud while it’s running with all of the pneumatic cylinders going at once. It sounds cool but it would be even cooler if they masked it with a theme song or sound effects.

A few small updates over by the construction site. There’s a new tarp covering this end of the tunnel. The old one was prone to blowing around and was actually punctured by some metal framing inside of the tunnel.

They added some jagged wood planks around the tunnel entrance in the water. I was a little surprised to see details like that added so early.

And that’s it for this one!

Lunch & Dinner

For lunch, I had the Bombay butter chicken from Backlot Cafe, which I was happy to see was still on the dining plan. It was delicious!

For my second meal, I had the new honey garlic chicken tenders from Roadside Chicken opposite Flying Canoes. I liked the sauce but I’m wondering if the way they’re using it ends up cooling the chicken tenders down or if these were just sitting around for a bit. They were borderline room temperature. I still enjoyed the meal enough. I’ll definitely have this again sometime!

They addressed my concerns in my previous trip report about the confusing unmarked windows at this location. It now has those small signs that say “Order here” and “Pick up here”. They also added an express queue for those with prepaid dining.

Flying Canoes Video

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