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June 16, 2018 Trip Report – Feeling hot hot hot

Trip Notes

I got to the park right at opening to see Leviathan doing test cycles. It was good to see it running since I had heard it was closed all day yesterday.

A hot sunny Saturday naturally draws people in. I really wish they’d have a few lanes for people without bags.

By the time I got through security, Snoopy was just starting his symphony.

With the crowds here, this was more of a nice walking day through the park, hopping into a few ride queues here and there.

When it comes to the 2019 coaster construction, I’ve been admiring the footers and glancing at the site but I don’t really find myself into it as much as everyone else seems to be. I like to see it all come together without bothering to make predictions… probably because I was one of those who doubted the thought of a giga when ground broke for Leviathan.

I stroll through Splashworks a couple times a year to get some shots of Behemoth and Minebuster.

I don’t get to admire much of Behemoth outside of Splashworks aside from when I’m actually riding it.

Sledge Hammer opened late for the day around 1pm. It was running quite well from what I saw though.

Skyhawk has a new test seat. I wonder if we’ll see any for the Mondial Rides pop up too.

Speaking of Mondials, Riptide was running with no water at all which I thought was weird seeing as this is the hottest weekend of the season so far.

The trampolines were brought out to Arthur’s Baye as they prepare for the Flying Frontenacs show which returns next weekend.

Another great day at the park makes it 10 visits for the season so far. I’m looking forward to Brew & BBQ and the return of some of the summer shows next weekend!


For lunch, I had fish and chips from Coasters. For whatever reason, they were giving everyone two pieces and coleslaw this time. It was such a filling meal that I couldn’t fully finish!

For my second meal, I had my favourite butter chicken from Backlot Cafe, which came with naan and a nice big piece of papadum. This is one of the few meals at the park that comes out consistently well and never disappoints. Always hot and flavourful.

Trip Video

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