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June 23, 2018 Trip Report – Brew & BBQ

Trip Notes

I arrived at the park at around 11:30am. Today was the first day of Brew and BBQ in Celebration Plaza. Even though the forecast for the weekend wasn’t ideal, there were still crowds throughout the park.

Before diving into the Brew and BBQ event, there were a few updates elsewhere in the park. Sledge Hammer is down again.

One of the construction fences was removed, completely opening up the view of the park from the back again.

I tend to skip Leviathan often because of long lines but the line wasn’t as intimidating today. It was roughly half an hour when I rode. Lines weren’t too long and were manageable around the park, for a Saturday.

The dive shows are back for the season again. Flying Frontenacs was performing the second half of the show, skipping the Mountie costumes and the synchronized trampolining. I hope it returns soon as I like that part of the show the most.

Brew & BBQ

Now, to Brew and BBQ!

I love the Celebration Plaza signage this year. It has a summer camp kind of feel to it and is miles better than the flat printed signs on to the arches last year.

Brew & BBQ Pricing

There was a passport this year that is a little different from previous years. You get to chose four of the items on the passport menu. The passport menu is nearly all of the food offerings at the festival so you can really do the tastings to your personal liking. I prefer this to the previous passports.

Tokens are still available and are refundable if you don’t use up all.

As you may have heard, Wonderland is now completely licensed meaning you can walk around the entire park with a beer in hand. Prior to the park-wide licensing last year, you had to remain within a patio or event area to drink.

Brew & BBQ Entertainment

One of my favourite things at these events is the local talent invited to perform at the park. I believe Parkside Drive performed in previous years but this is the first time I heard them. They’re fantastic.

The other group performing on Saturday was the Rolling Stronz. On Sunday, it was Parkside Drive and the Mike Walmsley Band.

There were also street performers throughout the day, including a stilt-walker, jugglers, and a magician.

Brew & BBQ Food

I had the passport today so I was able to try four of the food items. Be sure to check out CPFoodBlog for the latest on food at Cedar Fair Parks.

“Pit-Smoked Macaroni n’ Cheese with home baked corn bread.”

The corn bread was not too sweet or dry.

The macaroni and cheese was terribly bland with no seasoning or toppings.

My rating: 2/10

“Pork Belly Slider topped with old cheddar, grilled onions, and sauteed mushrooms, on a glossy bun.”

The concept and choice of ingredients are great.

The slider was completely soaked in mushroom and onion water, leaving the bread soggy and diluting all flavour of the pork belly.

My rating: 2/10

“Smoked Beef Brisket Slider served with a side of coleslaw and potato chips.”

The meat and sauce was delicious.

The coleslaw was not too sweet nor tart to overpower the flavour of the meat and bbq sauce.

It would have been perfect with the glossy bun that the pork belly slider had.

My rating: 9.5/10

“Wood Fire Pizza – Smoked Beef Brisket”

Great flavour of the meat, cheese, and sauce together.

The crust was nice and crispy, thanks to the wood-fired oven used on-site.

Good to have several types to choose from. (Other choices at this event were BBQ pork belly and BBQ grilled veg.)

My rating: 10/10

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