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June 3, 2018 Trip Report – Stop. Hammer time!

Trip Notes

I got to the park right at 10am. It was a cooler gloomy day today so the crowds weren’t too bad.

I made a beeline straight to Sledgehammer as I was hoping it would open. It was already doing test runs when I made my way into the area but I quickly confirmed with a ride attendant that it wouldn’t be open today. It didn’t really disappoint me too much because I was just so excited to see it actually move for once this season.

The ride looks and sounds great. The tower motor sounds different now as it sounds like it accelerates at a different rate at the beginning of the cycle compared to before. It also gets oddly quieter once it gets up to speed.

They are still actively working a few kinks out. The gondola that was out of service for most of last season appeared to be giving them some trouble today. The ride had e-stopped and soon after a couple maintenance guys came out with a ladder and looked at the top of that gondola. The ride didn’t cycle in the latter part of my visit as they were still working on that gondola.

I honestly didn’t do much else today other than a bit of walking and a couple rides on Behemoth. Hopefully we’ll get to ride Sledgehammer next weekend!


I had the fish and chips from Coasters. I really enjoyed this meal and Coasters is quickly becoming one of my favourite places to eat in the park.

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