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Ranking CW’s Thrill Flat Rides – 2018 Edition

Canada’s Wonderland is home to Canada’s largest collection of rollercoasters. It also happens to be home to one of the world’s most diverse and exotic flat ride collections! With the addition of Lumberjack and Flying Canoes for 2018, the line-up of flat rides just got even bigger.

We all know what my #1 is, but let’s have a look at how the rest of Wonderland’s thrill flat rides stack up against each other.

Of course, this list is completely opinionated and I outline my reasons for why they are ranked the way they are. This list is based on how the ride was performing the last time I had ridden it, which was probably already at least once this season.

#10 Nightmares/Orbiter (HUSS UFO/HUSS Skylab, 1981)

I put Nightmares and Orbiter into the same ranking because I find the experience to be extremely similar. They’re both very forceful rides that push you into your seat (or backrest). They’re not bad rides by any means, which tells you a lot about how awesome the flat ride collection at Wonderland really is if this is at the bottom of the list.

Perhaps the only reason they sit at the bottom of this list is because I tend to skip both rather often.

#9 Drop Tower (Intamin Giant Drop, 1997)

Drop Tower is still one of the most intense ride experiences in the park for me so I honestly ride it just a few times each season. A big reason for riding it more often many years ago was to get a good view from up above but we have many options for that now so the Tower has taken a bit of a Drop down this list over the years.

#8 Soaring Timbers (Mondial Inferno, 2017)

Would you believe that, during its debut weekend in 2017, Soaring Timbers was up there in my top three flat rides? This is where that bit I wrote earlier about the ride’s current performance really applies.

When it first opened, it ran at a nice speed, causing the gondolas to sway, flip, and stall upside down on every cycle. After that first weekend, things rapidly got worse and now people don’t really compare it with Shockwave but more with the Rage (the park’s non-inverting swinging pirate ship ride). After the initial thrust upward, the ride is very uneventful as it seems to meticulously control its speed, avoiding any flips or harsh swings of the gondolas.

#7 Riptide (Mondial Splashover, 2000)

Riptide was the first ride from the consecutive Mondial Rides back in the early 2000’s. I love taking a spin on it from time to time, but I only do when it’s not splashing riders.

#6 Lumberjack (Zamperla Hawk 48, 2018)

The park’s newest thrill flat ride sits in the middle of my list. I will say that the ride is not very intense at all but it’s an incredibly fun and smooth ride, making it a hit among guests at Wonderland. It’s especially fun if you manage to get an end seat as you get a full view of the other gondola zooming past you while upside down.

#5 Skyhawk (Gerstlauer Sky Roller, 2016)

Skyhawk was one of my favourite things to do at the park in 2016 when it first opened at Wonderland. My personal record is at 63 flips and I don’t think my body could handle anything more than that. After 2016, I found that spinning so much wore me out way faster than that first season. I rarely ride it anymore for that reason… but if I feel good, I’ll give it a spin (or 40).

#4 Windseeker (Mondial Windseeker, 2011)

Windseeker is a pleasant thing in so many ways. The height of it used to frighten me but I’ve gotten used to it over the years. It’s a must-do, especially if I’m at the park in the evening.

#3 Psyclone (Mondial Revolution, 2002)

Psyclone is still a fun, forceful, reliable ride after all these years (though the cycle could definitely run longer than one full swing). It’s always been a favourite ever since my first ride on it in 2003.

#2 Shockwave (Mondial Top Scan, 2001)

The program running at Shockwave seems to change from time to time but you’ll get at least a few really fun moments every time. The unpredictable twists the gondolas make, especially on the down-swing, is something that other rides can’t provide.

#1 Sledge Hammer (HUSS Jump Squared, 2003)

Sledge Hammer naturally sits at #1 on this list, and probably always will. It’s 15 years old this year but still provides fun jumps and forceful drops. It’s encouraging to still see people literally run to the ride when it opens after some downtime.

What does your list look like?

Does your list look like mine? I’d love to see your lists in the comments section below!

Thanks for reading!

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