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July 2, 2018 Trip Report – Luck on Leviathan

Trip Notes

It was another hot day for the holiday Monday. I arrived as the park opened for the day.

By the time I got my first ride of the day on Behemoth, I was already sweating.

I took a spin on Windseeker where there’s a really nice cool breeze once you’re up at the top.

Making my way around the park, I eventually got to Medieval Faire and decided to take a ride on Drop Tower which I usually only do a couple times a season as I mentioned in my recent Ranking Thrill Flat Rides post. It’s still one of the few rides at the park that gets me for being intense.

After Drop Tower, I made my way over to Leviathan. The line was behind the station in just a few of the short switchbacks. As I got near to the top of the stairs, the ride went down… and that’s when things got interesting.

They cycled out three empty trains while I was still on the staircase. Then they loaded the next cycle so I finally got into the station, thanks to the grouper calling out for a single rider. Once in the station, the ride went down again and they cycled the trains empty to unload that one loaded train. With all of the trains empty and parked in the station and brake run, a maintenance guy walked out to the brake run to retrieve a slipper that was sitting on the chain link netting.

After a little more waiting, it was time to ride!

We dispatched and went up the lift as usual. At the top of the lift, the chain slows down a bit but this time it just stopped completely. A voice immediately came on the speakers (which don’t play a spiel) to say that the ride was experiencing a temporary delay. Initially, some people were panicking while I sat there enjoying the view. As the minutes started to pass by sitting 306′ in the air, it sort of turned into an anxious silence.

Eventually, the lift started and we were off without warning.

Going by the timing of my tweets in the station and after getting off, we were up there for 10-15 minutes.

Coming back into the station was so much fun as everyone loudly cheered and clapped with one guy saying, “You’re all alive!” Unforgettable experience.

Being the headlining coaster in the park, the response was great. Rides maintenance, supervisors, and even directors were waiting for us in the station. We were given single-use Fast Lane vouchers for select rides. It could also be used for a small drink for guests who already have a FL+ wristband.

I eventually used my Fast Lane voucher for another ride on Leviathan later in the day.

After the fun on Leviathan, I had lunch and did a lot of walking.

This duck and its chicks were walking along the river by Lumberjack when something suddenly ran out and scared them off. They were battling it out for a bit and it was so sad to see it look around for its young ones afterward.

After the long day of entertainment on Saturday and the events of today, this Canada Day long weekend was a blast.


I had the naked beef burrito bowl from Backlot Cafe.

I wish I had tried this sooner because this is already one of my favourite meals. Everything in it tastes great and the portion size is really filling. I never had this before because I don’t like having to build the meal since I tend to panic and make the worst combinations. (One time I accidentally blurted out mayo for a meatball sub). For something like this, though, you can’t really go wrong with any combination. I’m definitely going back to have this again soon!

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