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July 21 & 22, 2018 Trip Reports – 8.15

Saturday, July 21, 2018

Trip Notes

I arrived at the park at around 10:30am to see a truck passing through the lot…

Dave Phillips from Marketing posted a tweet earlier in the morning about this announcement date banner so I had to go take a look. There are about five of these banners lining the fence. August 15 will be an exciting day!

I went snooping around the area for other teasers, particularly Canyon Trader, but I didn’t see anything else.

Over at Skyhawk, I had to go test the ride out again after the experience last weekend when I discovered that they added a limit to how far you could tilt the wings. Last weekend, I tried an outside seat but this weekend I tried an inside seat. The inside seats I tried did not have as harsh of a limit but I feel like there is still a minor one there. I still managed 30 flips.

Opposite Sledge Hammer, a promotional trailer for The Meg movie offers guests a VR experience. There is water involved… I didn’t feel like trying it.

Over in Celebration Plaza, The Craz-E-Crew Stunt Team was doing their thing.

Beside them was the Earth Rangers display which was educating guests on the animals they had out with them.

The Celebration Canada band was out throughout the day, entertaining crowds with music. Major Mac, the costume Mountie, was also out to greet guests.

The violinist was in Celebration Plaza again. I wish they’d give them the main stage or at least hook up their microphones and feeds to the area speakers. I like listening to them more than a certain main stage act…

Several items on the Celebration Canada menu was added to the meal plan so I decided to try it out. Now on the meal plan:

  • Peameal Bacon Slider with a side of Chips
  • Wood Fire Pizza with a side of Chips
  • Ontario BBQ Chicken with a side of Coleslaw and Mashed Potatoes
  • Enright Beef Slider with side of Chips
  • Sour Cabbage Rolls with side of Mashed Potatoes

More notes on this below…

All in all, a beautiful day in the park.


I had the chicken tender wrap again from Chicken Shack. Would recommend.

As mentioned, some of the Celebration Canada menu items were added to the dining plan so I had to get one of the wood-fire baked pizzas. The pizza was great. The process to get one… not so much.

The oven can only bake a couple pizzas at once so there was a constant line of receipts waiting to be fulfilled. The associate was taking people’s receipts from them to organize themselves but the wind kept blowing them around and they couldn’t keep track of which receipt belonged to who. As pizzas were coming out, I (as usual) was forgotten and got pushed down the queue. I ended up waiting 20 minutes for this pizza. My suggestion: Print a second copy of the receipt for the food prep staff and write guest names on them as they do literally everywhere else in the park.

Also, the website says it’s supposed to come with chips.

Sunday, July 22, 2018

Trip Notes

The weather was really poor on Sunday. It was a “family day” at the park for me so I didn’t do much tweeting or take as many pictures as I normally do.

Something I did come across was an updated bag policy at Wonder Mountain’s Guardian. Previously, you could not take any bags into the queue and you had to buy a locker or leave it with someone who isn’t riding. I know that many people opted to try and hide them in bushes nearby which had occasionally backfired when they’d go missing.

With the new policy, once your bag fits in this box, has straps, and can completely close with zippers, you can now take it on the ride with you.

This comes at an interesting time when Steel Vengeance at Cedar Point recently received a no-tolerance cellphone ban. The main complaint is that this kind of policy essentially makes a ride an upcharge attraction as most people will have no choice but to buy a locker. This was the case with Wonder Mountain’s Guardian but now they’ve opened it up so that probably most people may be able to get their bags on the ride. I applaud them for adjusting policies wherever possible and I hope Cedar Point will do the same with the cellphone ban.

Everyone in the group enjoyed funnel cakes and I may or may not now be tempted to buy one for myself at some point later on in the season.

Despite the poor weather for most of our visit, we accomplished rides that everyone came for… except Sledge Hammer. We were in the preload when the cycle was finishing up but it seemed to get lost trying to get back to home and e-stopped.


I had chicken tenders from Chicken Shack.

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