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July 28 & 29 Trip Reports – Low Batt

Saturday, July 28, 2018

Trip Notes

I arrived at the gates at around 10:30am. I came with the intention of staying all day so I could play around with my camera… so, of course, it was at this point I realized I forgot my extra camera batteries at home.

As usual, I made my way to Sledge Hammer only to find it was in a post e-stop position. (You can tell by the angle the gondolas are sitting at.) After some test cycling, it opened!

When I was riding Sledge Hammer later on in the day, my cycle ended with an e-stop. The ride was able to home all of the gondolas but the tower kept on rotating a few times more until it e-stopped. After a test cycle, the ride went back up. Aside from the odd instances like that, I’d still say the downtime has been noticeably reduced when compared to previous years.

I caught the Chicago Boyz show at the International Showplace.

The show is so high energy for the entire duration. I loved every minute of it!

As I was leaving International Showplace, something caught my eye on the Vortex hill. From some Googling, it looks like it was a¬†Eastern Gartersnake. I’ve never seen one in the wild before so that was cool.

Over in Kidzville, they are hosting KidZfest which is full of meet-and-greets with movie and TV show characters like Spiderman and Barney. There are also special live shows during the event. I think street performers like this juggler (who has appeared at other events before) should be a regular thing for the entire summer.

Dinosaurs Alive will be closing for good on October 28.

There are two of these posters that I know of in the park and they’re both in front of women’s washrooms. There were too many people around the first one but I was able to get a picture of the second one just because there happened to be no one hanging around the area. I wish they would have just put it somewhere at the Dinosaurs Alive entrance instead. It’s making me more awkward than I already am.

The 2019 announcement date banners have been replaced with new ones that have a different background.

As the sun started to disappear and the light came on, I was ready to play with my camera… except that it was already telling me low battery while taking pictures of the first ride on my list.

For regular night shots, my Galaxy S9+ doesn’t do bad at all.

In general, I’m still having problems getting the light trails the way I want them.

Psyclone is my favourite to shoot because it seems to work out most of the time.


I had the chicken tender wrap from Chicken Shack. Originally, I ordered the chicken burger but was told they were out so they offered the wrap. I was amused at how they ended up packing the wrap as if it were a burger with it formed into a square.

For my second meal, I decided to try the Enright Beef Burger with Chips at Backlot Cafe, which was recently added to the Canadian menu a week or so ago. Backlot’s kitchen never disappoints as this burger was cooked well. (Better than my experience at Muskoka Craft Burgers.) The chips were just ok. I would have preferred fries (which they were serving with it on Sunday).

The app still has the deal for half off Cookiewiches from Mountainside Bakery and Cafe so I decided to get one. Sugar overload…

Sunday, July 29, 2018

Trip Notes

I was really indecisive on whether or not I should make the trip out to the park again but the sun was out and I know I’d regret if I didn’t.

I did the usual through Action Zone, hitting up Sledge Hammer and Behemoth first. From Behemoth, I saw they had a small crane and forklift taking out catwalk pieces from a shipping container where all the 2019 coaster pieces are sitting in the parking lot.

As I was walking under Vortex’s lift hill, I noticed this huge boom lift.

Turns out they were installing some wood beams on one of the cross beams. Thunder Run was closed yesterday and I didn’t think much of it so it was satisfying to find out way today.

One of the reasons I convinced myself to go to the park today was to catch Cirque Canadien because I kept missing every showtime yesterday.

There were a few modifications to the show again. The catching the strawberry bit at the beginning returned after going missing the last time I saw the show. The contortionist was replaced by a juggler today.

A fun half-day at the park to make the most of the weekend… I’m pooped.


I had the naked beef burrito bowl from Backlot Cafe.

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