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July 7, 2018 Trip Report – Hammering Out Problems

Trip Notes

Today was the first time parking in the lot in many years. (Last time was during the Paramount years…) I got on Jane Street at around 10:10am and took about 15 minutes to get through the tolls and parked.

I purchased my parking pass online a few days ago and was given the option to register my plate number. According to other Twitter users, the experience with the automated parking toll gate system is all over the place so I had my card ready to scan assuming that it wouldn’t work. Once the car ahead of me went through the open gate, the gate closed completely but immediately sprung back up while I was still approaching the window so I’m assuming that’s from the camera reading my license plate. I still had my hand holding out my pass anyway so it was scanned even with the gate already open. (I think it feels weird just driving through.)

While waiting in the line at the parking tolls, my excitement went through the roof as I saw Sledge Hammer cycling in the distance. It was confirmed on Twitter by Grace (Communications Director) that it was waiting for a part so I was coming today with the expectation that it would still be down.

I made a bee-line straight to the ride (I think I’ve written this line in many trip reports now). It was kind of humorous to find it in an e-stopped position. After a bit of recovery time, the ride was reopened!

The ride was performing incredibly well. Over the course of the day hovering around the ride, I only saw it down for a combined 20 minutes or so. It was powering through cycles and wasn’t producing any concerning noises (for the most part). I’m so happy for it.

All of this refurbishment work looks like it’s paying off. It sounds great and it rides great. It’s so much smoother!

I spent a lot of time around Sledge Hammer but I still managed to catch a few other things around the park. I happened to be walking through International Street when the Peanuts characters came out at the Floral Flag to have a little dance party. I always love seeing performances in this plaza.

I caught the 6pm Cirque Canadien show. I was very nitpicky about the show last weekend and I regret it. Everyone was fantastic this weekend!

The Mike Walmsley Band was performing in the afternoon in Celebration Plaza. They’re a talented group and I love hearing them at these events!

I was hoping to stay late to play with my camera again but I was getting really tired so I decided to take off around 7:30pm. I had a great day!


For lunch, I had the fish and chips from Coasters. It was good.

For my second meal, I had the crispy chicken sandwich basket from Chicken Shack. It was hilarious picking up the order because there happened to be two other Matthew’s waiting so the guy distributing the orders got a little confused but was really fun about it. Great meal!

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