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June 30, 2018 Trip Report – Celebration Canada

Trip Notes

It was a very hot day to kick off the Canada Day long weekend. I got to the park as it opened.

This long weekend feels like the real start of summer with all of the live entertainment shows kicking in for the season. I had a look at nearly all of the shows today.

The West Coast Lumberjack Show is in Celebration Plaza, being presented on a platform on Arthur’s Baye. There’s axe throwing, chainsaws, wood carving, and more!

I’ve seen this show outside of Wonderland before but it works so perfectly on Arthur’s Baye. It’s definitely a must-see!

Next up is Cirque Canadien at Wonderland Theatre. I loved this show last year and started viewing it multiple times a day toward the end of its run last season. Because of that, I end up comparing this year’s show to last years and have walked away with a few observations.

One of the raccoons is new to the show. Along with similar gags with the other raccoon, this new raccoon also has a slot in the show performing some diabolo juggling, which replaces the segment with the couple on rollerskates. At one point, he lost one of pieces in the crowd so an audience member threw it back on stage. It happened to roll into his feet (he wasn’t performing at the time) and he took real offense to it… he gave the scariest death glare. I suppose that works playing a raccoon, though.

The trapeze couple is back, except that it’s a different couple. Still a very nice scene in the show.

The raccoon from last season still has his solo doing spiny tricks in a hoop. Definitely one of my favourite parts of the show and definitely my favourite cast member of the show in general.

There is a new, very intimate scene with a contortionist.

The three-man group doing high jumps and flips in the air close out the show again.

There’s more focus on the drummer in the tree this year, getting the spotlight a few times in the show.

All in all, a great show I’ll surely be seeing a lot of this year.

The first time I saw the Flying Frontenacs show this season, they weren’t doing the group trampolining so I was happy to catch the show today and see that they were doing the complete show. Always entertaining!

I caught the tail-end of the Ultimate Thrills Circus show at International Showplace. I never got to see the motorcycle ball before so it was great to finally catch it today. Cool!

Lines around the park were actually short into the evening. It was just a staircase wait at Leviathan.

At Leviathan, I noticed there was some new equipment on the station track. At first, I thought the brackets on the track were actually making contact with the wheel assemblies as they parked in the station but once I looked closer, I realized that wasn’t the case. Those brackets are actually supporting devices that eliminate static from the trains, as determined by Canardiain on Twitter. I’d make the guess that this is part of correcting issues that’s been causing a few downtime periods over the past little while now.

Sledge Hammer is still down which is really starting to worry me…

The sun was finally starting to set.

I was excited to finally try some long exposure shots in the dark with the lights on. I’m no photographer but I like to play around and see what I can come up with.

Mistakes were made…

… but eventually I started getting shots that looked decent.

My favourite shots of the night were of Klockwerks.

And then it was time for Starlight Northern Reflections…

If you followed me on Twitter last winter, you may remember me spamming a few scenes from Starlight Northern Reflections. It was completely brand new, aside from subtly reusing some projections. I absolutely loved the show and felt it was the best iteration of the show yet. I thought the show would return exactly the same this year but swapping out the recycled projections with new ones… Boy, was I wrong.

The newest show is basically 2013’s fountain-focused show, sandwiched between the opening and closing scenes of the original 2011 debut show. Honestly, I never saw the 2013 show in person because it didn’t look interesting to me in videos that I saw of it. (I guess on the bright side it works out that I can see it in person now.)

With all of this said… welcome to Starlight Northern Reflections 2: Electric Boogaloo…..

Don’t get me wrong, it’s still a show you need to see and I definitely do not want to downplay or dismiss the effort put into making this show. I came in with the wrong expectations for the show so I left a bit disappointed.

I like when the show is focused on the mountain projections and has some story-telling elements to it. The entire show like this is too abstract for me. To each his own, though… I know there are people who prefer this format.

At least there’s still one of the dance endings which have always been the highlight of the show for me.


For lunch, I had a cheeseburger from Thrill Burger. No complaints other than the Pure Leaf tea dispenser had root beer in it for some reason.

For my second meal, I had the crispy chicken burger from Chicken Shack. It was excellent.

Trip Video

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