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August 11, 2018 Trip Report – Taste of Asia

Trip Notes

I got to the park just before it opened.

After the usual rides on Behemoth and Sledge Hammer, I went to take a look by the construction site. Today would be the last day I’d see this sight without knowing the details of what they’re building…

I don’t really like “snooping” around fences so that’s why I haven’t really bothered going over to the staging area in the parking lot where all of the supports and track pieces are. That’s also why this is the first picture I have of any of the track for this new coaster. It’s exciting to see track go in!

Thunder Run is still down.

This weekend, there’s a number of new pieces of wood support beams so I’m curious about how much more work there’s left to do before they can reopen it.

It was confirmed last week that Dinosaurs Alive would be closing on October 28. They’re currently doing a 50% off sale in the exit gift shop, Dinostore. I gotta remember to go back and get me a mug before they’re all gone!

In Celebration Plaza, Taste of Asia debuts for the first time!

It’s ironic how the sign has sushi but it’s not a food option. I guess that would be too expensive to do but it would have made a good cooking demo like they do during Taste of Italy.

While I wasn’t in the mood for the amount of food you get from the passport (4 dishes), it’s great to see so many options. Many are on the dining plan too!

For food details and pricing, check out CPFoodBlog.

The entertainment was great as well. The morning/afternoon entertainment was by¬†Folklorico Filipino Canada. I didn’t stay long enough to see the evening entertainment.

I like the music they’re playing in the area and the live entertainment, but I felt like there could have been more, particularly the shows out in the Plaza which I got used to during Celebration Canada. It also would have been nice to have some more decorations. (I was fully expecting Chinese lanterns everywhere.)

Even with these suggestions, I think it’s a great event and I’d still rank it above other food festivals the park hosts.

All in all, I had a great day at the park.


I decided on the green chicken curry from the Thai station. It had a really nice flavour and I liked all the veggies that came with it. The rice was fluffy and fresh, though a bit soggy from the juices of the curry.

Trip Video

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