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August 18 & 19 Trip Reports – Taste of Greece

Saturday, August 18, 2018

Trip Notes

I got to the park at around 11am.

There was some confusion at the turnstiles with my season pass. Last weekend, I renewed my season pass for 2019 as a Platinum pass so I was given a new Platinum card. I asked before I left which card I was supposed to use for the rest of the season but wasn’t given a confident answer. My assumption was to continue using my 2018 card for the rest of the season and then switch over to the Platinum card next year. I got my 2018 card scanned and it shows that it’s invalid so I get the Platinum card scanned and now the computer tells the admissions attendant to give me a new season pass card. I’ve now got three cards in my wallet at this point in the weekend…

As usual, I made my way over to Sledge Hammer. I noticed while watching the cycles before my turn that the ride was landing kind of oddly so I had the feeling something was bound to happen soon. Sure enough, on the cycle I was riding, the ride made the loud boom on the last drop (happens from time to time) but this time it didn’t make it to the end of the cycle. It made one or two more boom noises as it descended and then loudly landed onto the shocks and stopped. We were returned back to home after about 5 minutes.

Sledge Hammer did reopen not too long after so nothing to worry about!

I’m still trying to get used to this view without the green cover over the track. It’s really nice to see more guests stopping in the area to discuss the ride with their group.

Canyon Trader next to Flying Canoes has new t-shirts, including new Yukon Striker logo tees, a new Lumberjack tee, and this new Frontier Canada tee. It’s great to see the park continue to expand their merch offerings.

After taking a walk around the park, I made my way into Celebration Plaza to catch some of the live entertainment. Taste of Greece has always been one of my favourites of the food festivals because of how there’s always performances down in the Plaza where people can stand close to the action. They even had an interactive bit where they taught guests how to dance to the music. It honestly was the liveliest scene I’ve ever seen at any of the festivals. Even though I’m too much of a mess to join in myself, I’d love to see more of this at the festivals!

When this show ended, I turned my attention over to the Flying Frontenacs show on Arthur’s Baye. As the show was beginning, I got a DM from Justin at CPFoodBlog that he was in the area and to come meet up with him.

I don’t have the social personality that most enthusiasts tend to have. I’m frightened of meet-ups and literally get startled whenever I recognize someone passing by. I’ve never been great at mingling in large groups or having smooth conversations.

In this instance, however, I’ve enjoyed helping Justin cover the food at Wonderland so I felt motivated to finally meet the man in person.

Meeting Justin and his family has become a highlight of the season. They were so kind to have me join their group for most of the day that it felt like I was part of the family.

We stopped in for the Chinese Acrobats Show in International Showplace.

There are some really cool acts in this show! Definitely a must-see!

We took a ride on Jokey’s Jalopies. I haven’t been on this in probably 20 years. It’s nice to see the ride is well kept with great landscaping and fun little animal cut-outs and sculptures scattered throughout.

It was great time hanging out and it gives me motivation to start meeting more of you in the park (he says with sweaty palms).


Since I couldn’t hold my hunger down long enough for Taste of Greece to get setup, I went for the good old chicken tenders from Chicken Shack. It was excellent!

For my second meal, I had the mac and cheese with beef chili from Alpen Cheesery. It was a great meal too!

Sunday, August 19, 2018

Trip Notes

With my three season pass cards in hand, I went through the gates at around 9:45am.

… And ended up with a new season pass card.

I checked with guest services to see what they’d say now and was told to use the new one given to me today for the rest of the season. The story doesn’t end here…

I checked in on Sledge Hammer to see it was down for the morning.

While moving along Behemoth’s brake run, I noticed there was a hatch open on top of Sledge Hammer. I didn’t even think there was one there.

The ride did open later in the day around 2:30pm. There was a second gondola out of service so hopefully that’s fixed soon.

I took some peeks at the new coaster today. I’m not sure what that red light is for down there.

I didn’t notice any activity over the weekend. They seem to do more work during the week when I’m not there. The maintenance bay for the trains is taking shape and there are track pieces waiting in the area.

I took a ride on Riptide since they weren’t doing wet cycles. I love the head-over-heels sensation on this ride but I wish they’d do more with it.

A girl was holding a water bottle while restraints were being checked so the attendant took it away. Half-way through the ride, a water bottle went flying into the water so I guess someone else in her group was hiding one somewhere…

Back to Taste of Greece! I tried some of the food today (pictured below in Meals) and took in the lovely entertainment.

I recognize this group that always comes out for Taste of Greece. I’m not sure what exactly is so intriguing about it but I’ve always enjoyed watching.


I had the moussaka from Taste of Greece which has ground beef, potato, eggplant, stewed tomatoes, and cheeses. This is something I’ve never had before. It was so delicious that I hope this could make it to Backlot Cafe’s menu at some point!

I had a little snack to celebrate my final day of vacation. After trying to decide whether or not I could do a whole funnel cake or if I should do Tiny Tom donuts, I eventually made up my mind on a Cookiewich, which is still 50% off with the app.

It was prepared so much better compared to last time with more ice cream and softer cookies. I made a big mess trying to eat it like a sandwich last time so I ate the ice cream with a spoon while breaking off the cookies as I went along. This method of eating it was much cleaner and I find the two cookies are too much for me so it’s a great way to pace myself and to decide when I’ve had enough of the cookies.

For whatever reason, I forgot Beavertails exist so I’m going to need an excuse to get one soon. I still want to do the funnel cake and Tiny Tom donuts before the season ends too… Lots of sugar to be had!

For my second meal, I went for the chicken gyro from Taste of Greece.

I think it could have used more tzatziki or some other sauces to make it more moist and to give it more interesting flavours.

Trying to redeem my meal plan for this turned out to be another ordeal… All four of the cards were rejected so I had to go back to guest services who told me to try the newest one again as it was showing fine on their system. Returning to the same tent, the card still showed as invalid but the associate called over someone to override it to be able to get me the meal. I hope things level out and get sorted soon because I’ve still got many weekends left to my season!

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