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August 25 & 26, 2018 Trip Reports – Taste of Italy

Saturday, August 25, 2018

Trip Notes

I got to the park about 10 minutes before it opened. Thankfully it seems that my season pass issues are cleared for the rest of the season as I had no problems going in today unlike last weekend.

The Haunt promo shack is back up. I don’t like horror stuff but I’ll visit on opening night since it’s $9.99 again for passholders.

Checking out Sledge Hammer first thing as usual, I noticed the ride was in an e-stopped position. Moving along further toward Behemoth, I realized this must have been a final test run before it opened to the public as there was a ride attendant sitting in the gondola.

The ride opened up later on in the day.

I did Skyhawk which I rarely ever do anymore. I got 36 flips on an inside seat and barely managed to walk out through the exit gate without bumping into the op booth. I’m not sure why but I take so much longer to recover after flipping on Skyhawk compared to 2016 when I’d do 50+ flips and walk off normally.

Once in Celebration Plaza for Taste of Italy (food reviews are posted later below), I caught the Flying Frontenacs show. It started to drizzle a bit before the show started and it looked like they were trying hard to get a tarp back on the trampolines. The show ended up being the second half of the show which is all diving and some individual trampolining. I suspect that the trampolines and the trampwall got too slick for the synchonized trampwall. It worked out anyways as it started to pour as the show was ending.

The rain kept coming down so I spent a lot of time hiding under cover and in the Arcadium.

Over at Yukon Striker, there’s some nice progress to take in. The turn out of the station has been started.

There’s also the maintenance bay and brake run poking out.

I managed to catch a ride on Leviathan which I tend to skip often because of long lines. It was just over a staircase wait but it moved really fast because the crew was great.

The Pino Cea Band was performing later in the day. I really enjoyed listening to them as I ate some food at the festival. I wish they performed earlier in the day too.

The day was spent basically going back and forth hanging around Taste of Italy and Sledge Hammer.


Thanks to CPFoodBlog, I enjoyed a lot of food today. I really liked the pizza and veal sandwich last year so I was excited to have them again . Surprisingly, neither of those were my top pick this year!

First up was the veal sandwich (which is why that option is punched in the passport picture… I got excited.) It was fantastic. My only comment is that it could have used a more interesting bun.

Of all things, the meat lasagna was my favourite of the event. It tasted so good and was packed with ground beef. I was expecting the same lasagna you get from Backlot, which is still good, but this was a step up.

I had the cannoli as my dessert pick. It was good, though I think I would have enjoyed the gelato more. I just wanted to try something different this year.

I went for the prosciutto pizza. The pizzas at the Taste events are always great no matter what’s on them.

I decided to get a strawberry bellini which is made up of wine and fruit puree. I’m not really into alcoholic drinks but this was great!

I ended off the day of eating with spaghetti and meatballs, using my dining plan. The sauce was very basic tomato sauce and there wasn’t enough of it. I ended up throwing out most of the spaghetti (and smirked seeing it land on another half-eaten spaghetti in the trash can). The meatballs were really good though. The garlic toast that came with this and the lasagna were both cold and hard.

Sunday, August 26, 2018

Trip Notes

I got to the park minutes after opening.

Sundays, especially after longer exciting Saturdays at the park, are mostly relaxing days where I take in a few rides half-asleep, just so I don’t end up sitting at home doing nothing which is what I do in the offseason.

On Sledge Hammer this morning, I sat in a gondola with a group with a girl about 10 years old who was clearly very nervous about riding. She was crying and screaming just pulling down the restraint. As the ride attendant checked her restraint, she paused for a moment and quietly asked her if she’d like to get off to which she said no. Once the ride attendant was finished checking all of the restraints in our gondola, she stopped before leaving and asked her again, and again she said no.

I was very impressed by the attentiveness and compassion of the attendant for making sure she was ok. If I wasn’t so bad at taking names, I would have written in a good review, which I try to do at least once for someone or a crew every season.

Anyways, the ride started and as soon as the ride performed the first jump, she lit up with a big smile and yelled, “this is fantastic!” She thoroughly enjoyed the entire ride and asked her group if they could ride again before the cycle was even finished.

I’m sure there’s a lesson here about facing your fears…

I got a ride on Windseeker. Always relaxing.

I ended up taking a ride on Soaring Timbers because I thought it looked really good watching it from a distance. It’s still very unsatisfying that it can’t flip anymore.

Right after Soaring Timbers, I went straight over to Lumberjack. As I walked into the pre-load area, the cycle was just beginning but it didn’t move after the floor dropped. The ride went down so I left to go do something else.

I went to see Cirque Canadien. The juggler has been replaced with another juggler. Both are equally entertaining!

And that’s it for the last regular summer weekend. Next weekend is the long Labour Day weekend!


The lasagna’s so nice, I had to get it twice. It was just as good as yesterday and this time the garlic toast was warmer and softer.

After the Cookiewich I had last weekend, I’m pretty much set on doing a sweet tooth tour of Wonderland’s classic sweet treats over the coming weeks. I had a dozen cinnamon apple donuts from Tiny Tom Donuts. Always fresh and nice!

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