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Cedar Point 2018 Trip – August 12, 2018 (Day 1) – Pinch Me

Trip Notes

It all started with clicking “Make Reservation” with my eyes closed.

This was a trip of many firsts. The first road trip where I’m the driver. The first time driving in the States. The first road trip where I’m on my own. The first road trip to Cedar Point.

It was rather hastily planned because I booked the room just a few days before I set off. I put all my trust into Google Maps and the gas range reading in my car to get me there. The trip is over six hours long and is pretty much an entire tank of gas.

Once I was on the road, I found it to be smooth sailing. The border crossing went well, even though I was a little nervous about what to say about travelling alone. Since it was going so well, I opted to make just one stop at this Ohio welcome center on the way.

I booked two nights at Cedar Point’s Express Hotel with two day park admission which included parking. Admission worked out really cheap when compared to the price of the room by itself, around $30 (Canadian dollars) a day. I didn’t see it making sense to upgrade to Platinum at this point, but I have for 2019 as I’d like to stay longer and also have the drink and dining plans with me there.

The staff at the hotel were friendly, even when I had to ask them how to turn on the shower. (Apparently I was pulling on the knob the wrong way…) It wasn’t exactly a pristine room but it was clean enough. I’d stay here again. The location is as close as it gets aside from staying at Breakers.

I arrived at the hotel at around 1pm. The check-in time is at 4pm so the plan was to pick up the tickets and head to the park and check-in later. To my surprise, the room was already ready for me so I stuck around for a bit to get settled with the room and then headed off to the park down the road…

I ended up having to park really far back. Driving down the causeway was so surreal…

Visiting this park has been a dream of mine for over 15 years. It was an emotional trip because I was finally living out a childhood dream. I can’t say I do that very often.

Once inside, my first stop was to check out the Point Plaza to see what merch I’d be interested in getting later, and to also pick up a glasses strap because I knew it was required for some rides. Unfortunately they didn’t have the Cedar Point branded ones so I just got a plain black one.

I ended up at Maxair first for some reason. Being so used to the way Psyclone spins, I was caught off guard at how fast Maxair spins. I really enjoyed it.

After Maxair, I ended up next door at Gatekeeper. I only rode this once during my trip on the left side. I really enjoyed the first drop and immelmann. It was neat to experience a wing coaster for the first time.

Today was really just to familiarize myself with the park so I spent most of the time walking around and then occasionally ending up in ride queues whenever I felt like it. I hopped on Rougarou because the line looked short. I quickly realized why.

During the first part of the ride, I thought to myself, “this is pretty fun”, but then it suddenly started bashing my head in. I wasn’t really expecting that because I don’t remember anyone talking about how rough this ride is. It’s one of my least favourite rides I had on this trip.

After Rougarou, I ended up wandering into Millennium Force’s queue. It was a long hour and a half wait as I was getting worried at how dehydrated I was getting. After the ride, I had a nice long drink at a water fountain nearby…

I was excited to ride this because I’ve heard people rank Leviathan over it. Honestly speaking, Leviathan is fun and all but I give the slight edge to Millennium.

Some time after riding Milennium and getting rehydrated, I got on Raptor.

I really liked Raptor because it kept me confused about which way we were going since I’m not familiar with its layout, which is true for most of the coasters here. I like that it’s really aggressive but it’s not too uncomfortable. I couldn’t help but laugh at how hard the turn into the final brakes were, like its giving you one last kick.

I took a ride on Windseeker. I’ve gotten so used to the view on CW’s that it doesn’t freak me out anymore… but CP’s Windseeker, especially with a moderate breeze blowing, did have me a bit more on edge than usual.

After Windseeker, I went over to Wicked Twister. I liked it, though I think I would have enjoyed it more if I wasn’t so worn out at this point.

Wicked Twister drained whatever energy I had left so I spent the rest of the night wandering around and trying to pump myself up for the next day. I still had to do Dragster, Valravn, Maverick, and, of course, Steel Vengeance. I had already pre-purchased Fast Lane Plus for the next day so I wouldn’t have to rush and stress to get those done.

I was so tired by the end of the night that I left for the hotel at around 10pm and immediately went to bed.


… I ate so poorly on this trip…

I had plain fries earlier in the day and then bacon chili cheese fries before I left.

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