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Cedar Point 2018 Trip – August 13, 2018 (Day 2) – Back with a Vengeance

Trip Notes

I arrived at the park just before 9am for early entry and to pick up my Fast Lane Plus wristband. I was energized and ready to hit the major rides I was most excited to try.

At 9am, they have the anthem playing and I gotta say that guests at CP are so obedient as everyone stopped and faced the giant flag at the front gate. It doesn’t go that smoothly at Wonderland…

With my Fast Lane Plus wristband on, I went straight for Steel Vengeance. Unfortunately, that didn’t open for the entirety of early entry so I tried Maverick instead.

Going into the Fast Lane queue, there was a huge rush of people exiting it. I asked someone what happened and they said that they weren’t accepting Fast Lane until 10am. I have no issue with that because it wouldn’t be fair for the people who showed up early for early entry, but it would have been nice to know this when I picked up my wristband.

I ended up hanging around the area and eventually got back in the FL line for Maverick, which I realized accumulated a queue that was waiting for the FL queue to open…

I thought Maverick was really good, though I couldn’t help but think how different my opinion would be if it still had the hard plastic shoulder restraints on.

After hitting Maverick, I just kept going on my list, hoping that Steel Vengeance would be open by the time I was ready for it. Next up was Dragster.

I was so intrigued by Top Thrill Dragster when they were building it so it was exciting to finally get a chance to ride it. I was a little nervous getting on but it turned out to not be as intense as I was expecting. It’s tonnes of fun! I love being pushed back into the seat.

Next up was Valravn. I really wanted to try it out so I’d be able to compare notes with Wonderland’s upcoming dive coaster.

To me, it’s a forgettable ride at a park like Cedar Point. My restraint was so tight by the end of the ride. I think Wonderland’s will be more exciting.

Next up was Blue Streak. It was smoother than I was expecting. The way it runs the track reminded me of Wild Beast more than Minebuster for some reason.

It was time to make my way back to Steel Vengeance. I paid to rent a locker, threw my phone in, and then got into the 45 minute long Fast Lane queue.

It’s a hassle, but it was worth it.

I was absolutely blown away by this ride. Like Raptor, I was (and still kind of am) unfamiliar with the layout. The ride never lets up and you’re thrown out of your seat for such long periods of time that it’s hard to comprehend (at least for an unseasoned traveler like me). The inversions are so quick and disorienting. There’s so much going on, especially during the second half of the ride inside of the structure that I still couldn’t tell you the layout.

Getting to Cedar Point was the big goal and dream, but riding this felt so satisfying, like a cherry on top.

I wandered off for a while but had to come back. I rented another locker for two hours and took two rides on SV in that time. It was hilarious when I got paired with the same guy who I was paired with on my first ride. Funny how things work out like that sometimes…

After those two SV rides, I went over for another ride on Maverick.

I can’t remember the order of rides but I did do Raptor, Millennium, and Dragster again at some point.

Eventually, I gravitated back to Steel Vengeance.

In total, I spent $6 on lockers to get 4 rides on Steel Vengeance, though I could have gotten more if I took more double rides on a single rental. I was just worried about not getting back to the lockers in time. They were telling people that the locker will stay locked but you’d have to pay a fee if you came back late, but I wasn’t sure how that would be enforced since I paid in cash.

I went into the queue with my prescription sunglasses on but the sun set and my regular glasses were in the locker so it was darker than it should have been. I don’t wear my sunglasses at night on purpose, I swear.

After this last Steel Vengeance run, I decided to get something to eat, go pick up some souvenirs, and take some last pictures.

Walking over near Top Thrill Dragster, I noticed some white spotlights moving around near Wicked Twister so I hurried over there to see this great show going on.

After hanging around a little while longer, it was time to say goodbye. It felt like the two days were a dream, especially once I arrived back home. The entire trip went off without a hitch. I was so happy I did it after all of the nerves trying to plan it. I worked up the courage thanks to the votes of confidence from people on Twitter. I was fishing for it because I really needed it. I also knew that I’d regret it if I changed my mind and decided not to go. I am so thankful for everything that has happened.


I had afternoon fries, again.

For dinner, I had the Blackjack Smokehouse burger basket. It was tasty and nice to know it’s on the dining plan so I can have it again next year. I wish Wonderland would put bacon on things too!


A few loose notes:

  • The staff I encountered were really friendly, efficient, and helpful. The ride staff in particular were very enthusiastic and they had the attitude that they wanted to be there. I can’t recall anyone looking bored or having a bad attitude.
  • The guests around me were also very friendly that it almost felt unreal. I did not witness any line jumping and there were instances where people helped me get paired up with other single riders. Compared to here at home, people seemed at least slightly more educated about rides and parks. There were lots of discussions in the queues about other parks and, for the most part, people were quick and focused when getting on and off rides.
  • I like how some of the stations have music that comes on over the speakers whenever the ops aren’t talking on them. It was cool to hear the Millennium soundtrack in person in the station.
  • I like the mist fans in the queues.

I’ve thought about it… These were the best two days of my life.

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