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September 1 & 3, 2018 Trip Reports – Labour Day Long Weekend

Saturday, September 1, 2018

Trip Notes

I arrived at the park at around 9:15am for ERT at Leviathan. I was excited because I left the house with dense fog outside but it cleared up by the time I was on the ride. Some of my favourite rides on Leviathan were in heavy fog where it just turns completely white as you crest the lift hill.

It’s quite nice to show up to the park every weekend to see the progress made at the construction site. Now that track is going in, it’s even more exciting.

Soaring Timbers is a strange one.

Today, I happened to see it running while walking near Windseeker and it seemed to be going much faster. As soon as it did a flip, I quickened my pace to make it over there to see it still going. It just kept going and going and felt like it ran at least twice as long as the usual cycle. It was speeding around, doing flips and looking like it’s former self. It eventually slowed down but stopped short of the platform and went into a temporary delay.

This is actually not the first time I’ve seen this happen. It’s just that the first time I thought that I was just seeing things since I was trying to see from a distance. In that case, too, the ride went down immediately after as it didn’t park properly.

I hope I luck out one of these days and get a cycle like that… or we all luck out and that becomes the actual cycle.

I decided to give it a go immediately after it went back up and noticed that the queue TV was missing (but the audio is still there). I can’t help but think they stole it for the Yukon Striker display on International Street.

This Labour Day long weekend was the season pass holders appreciation weekend where they had a bunch of deals for us.

They did a great job with this. All of the locations had signs and were well prepared for the crowds.

As the night came around, I pulled out my camera to experiment with long exposure shots again. That’s when I noticed that Lumberjack was still down. I saw that it went down sometime in the afternoon but I didn’t think anything of it. I was surprised to see it was still closed…

Now, onto some night shots!

Windseeker has become a guarantee to get at least one shot I like.

At this point, I’m not sure what exactly I want out of the Sledge Hammer shots but I’m never completely satisfied with the ones I get.

Psyclone takes a few tries but I got a couple I like.

My Shockwave shots last time were too messy for my liking so I got a few cleaner ones this evening that I quite like.

I need to try this again but do the entirety of the tower!

This is one of my favourite shots of the evening, though I wish I kept the exposure going for a little longer.

To end the evening, I caught the last showing of Starlight for the season.

I still prefer the original Northern Reflections show but I did enjoy the Wonderful World finale which they swapped in halfway through this season.


For all of the summer, I avoided Muskoka Craft Burgers because I had poor experiences there in May and June but I decided to give it a try this weekend. I’m happy to say that it went a whole lot better this time. I waited less than five minutes for this chicken burger and the meal itself was great. I especially liked the bun. The chips were soggy for some reason though.

I decided to get a pretzel just because it was $2 this weekend. It was quite nice and I wish they’d keep it at that low price so I can get these from time to time.

For my second meal, I had the naked beef burrito bowl from Backlot Cafe. Never disappoints!

Sunday, September 3, 2018

Trip Notes

I arrived at the park at around 9:20am for ERT in the Lumberjack area.

Unfortunately, Lumberjack was closed. It’s concerning because this probably means it never reopened since that Saturday afternoon.

The ERT session was still fun though. I was able to get a couple rides on Vortex and one on Soaring Timbers.

Since everyone is at Leviathan, I always spend my mornings hurrying up Behemoth’s stairs for walk-on rides.

I took a nice relaxing ride on Windseeker.

From Windseeker, I noticed they assembled one of the supports for the lift hill. I never even realized it was there, even though I took a picture of it on Saturday. (I don’t review my pictures very carefully, especially of the construction site, until I start writing these trip reports.)

Showing up next weekend with this standing up is going to be a treat!

Inside the tunnel, they were taking measurements for something or other.

I made sure to see Cirque Canadien one last time before I left as the show ended for the season today.

This year, I really liked how the show seemed to change between viewings, from minor differences in the comedy gags to full performance changes.

I really hope the show returns next year!

Just before leaving, I decided to try doing some panning shots for the first time…

I can’t seem the get the entire train in focus, if that’s even possible, but I like how the eyes on the zero car are in focus here.

I obviously had to try Sledge Hammer…

See you next weekend!


For lunch, I gave Muskoka Craft Burgers another go. It was really good… but those chips again… Part of me thinks these are just Lay’s. I’ve had Chippery chips with the meals from before and they were so much better than the chips I had this weekend.

I had a Tim Horton’s ice capp because it was $2 this weekend.

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