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September 22 & 23, 2018 Trip Reports – Falling for Fall

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Trip Notes

I arrived at the park at around 10:45am.

As I was waiting at the parking tolls, I couldn’t help but snap a quick picture of Yukon Striker. It’s not even at it’s highest point yet but it’s already made an impressive mark on the skyline!

There’s a new construction fence between the Vortex lake and the out side of the tunnel. They’ve done some digging to put in another footing.

She’s a beauty!

The process for building the trench has begun as the some sheet piles have gone vertical.

Roadside Chicken got some new signs. I think they look great and I love that the park is replacing some of the generic-style signage around the park, particularly the game signs in Action Zone they redid earlier this season. I hope they’ll bring back the old Alphorn Funnel Cakes (International Street) sign someday as that was a bit of a loss.

However, it is confusing to me as I don’t see how a roadside cafe fits in with the Frontier Canada area coming next year. I mean, the building fits, but the name doesn’t. I don’t see why they’d go through the trouble of making these signs in the case they give it a new name next year.

Merch sales continue this week with a new 50% off promotion at Castle Trader.

The more interesting 50% off sale is the one in Locker Room, the store that sells licensed merchandise for many sports teams. I found that to be a pleasant surprise as you know these items are generally expensive everywhere. I may have to pick up a Leafs shirt if they still have this next weekend, even though I tend to miss a lot of the games…

Oktoberfest is one of the more successful food festivals for the park but, unfortunately, it’s one I rarely participate in. Although I try on occasion, I cannot drink much. The entertainment and the area was lively though!

Unfortunately the park’s Behemoth and Leviathan signature beers are sold out, but there is a backup for the fall! The new Wonderland-exclusive “Haunted Scarecrow” ale is available at bars around the park.

Sledge Hammer started running into trouble and eventually closed early for the day.

I loved the blue skies this weekend!


Crispy Chicken Tender Wrap from Chicken Shack. Good stuff.

Enright Beef Burger from Backlot Cafe. So delicious! I couldn’t help but think this would be a great base for a mushroom melt burger.

Sunday, September 23, 2018

Trip Notes

I arrived at the park right as it opened for the day. I noticed today that the redemption centre for meal plans and Fast Lane was moved to the other side of the entrance near the washrooms.

I like these little details they add in the park that feel more for daytime fall guests than just Haunt.

After seeing Sledge Hammer struggle the day before, I was happy to see it ready to go this morning.

After winning the brake piece from Wild Beast at Rollercoasters, Eh? last weekend, I felt like giving it a ride. I rarely ever do anymore.

I found it to be more comfortable compared to past experiences, but also found it was less intense overall and navigated the track in some sections kind of oddly.

This stage used to be used for The Sentimentalists illusions/magic show for Haunt but that show looks to have been replaced by the Vampire Disco where guests get headphones that play different music. Since this stage has still shown up, I wonder if there will be an actual DJ on stage for this… but that doesn’t really make any sense if the headphones are all playing different things.

I wandered into Leviathan’s queue which ended up being about 30 minutes.

I noticed that they repainted some of the footer covers at Vortex. They used to be red but now blend in with the rest of the support. I didn’t like the look of the red so I’m a fan of this minor change.

This weekend was your last chance to take selfies in front of the floral flag as it’ll be dug up into a graveyard for next weekend’s Haunt opening night!

Thank you for reading!


Fish and chips from Coasters. Great!

Plain old Mac and Cheese from Alpen Cheesery because they didn’t have any toppings available. It was still pretty good though.

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