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September 29, 2018 Trip Report – HAUNT

Trip Notes

I arrived at the park minutes before it opened.

They removed the barriers that created the preferred parking area. Normally, I park on that side so I got a little confused and ended up doing some turns that probably looked weird to anyone watching…

I love the fall decorations they scattered around the park. I thought that some of the Haunt scarezones looked awful in the daytime but it’s gotten significantly better over the past two years. (I especially hated those shipping containers that made up the Skeleton Rooms.)

The Gourmet Hot Chocolate stand has returned for Haunt next to Slingshot. It was very tempting as it got really cold into the evening.

New this year is Spirit Manor being open for Camp Spooky.

I thought this sign was a bit confusing (if you’re just glancing at it) and cluttered as it tries to clarify itself. They should have given the daytime Spirit Manor maze a different name so they could cover up the entire sign┬áduring the day.

It was very cool to walk through the maze at a leisurely pace without the stress of people popping out (though I’ve been conditioned to expect it regardless). There were actors in many of the scenes that greeted you as you passed through.

There’s always lots of activity in Camp Spooky!

The small corn maze they had in Zoom Zone by Silver Streak has been relocated to inside the Maple Park Treehouse. In Zoom Zone now, they have Linus’ Pumpkin Patch where kids can pick a pumpkin to take home.

Trick-or-Treating is in Dinosaurs Alive, which is free for the rest of the season.

The Dinostore has become a pumpkin decorating station.

Over at Yukon Striker, they started preparing part of the turn at the top of the lift and the drop mechanism.

Skip some time later and it was time for Haunt! The gates were opened sometime before 7pm where all of the monsters are waiting for you in front of the graveyard on International Street.

I purchased a No Boo Necklace again this year for $10 online. I take the pendant off and just use the necklace part to pass through scare zones. I don’t even wear it, I just swing it around in my hand.

Time Warp closes for Haunt.

Antique Carousel, Orbiter, and Swings of the Century were also closed for the evening. I found they make for some very interesting pictures with all of the lights off.

After a few rides in Action Zone, it was time to take in some shows. Sinner’s Lounge was up first.

I really enjoyed it as it had new and returning acts. It’s a “mature audiences” kind of show so there were guests who got up and left during those types of scenes. I really wish they’d make it more obvious about what kind of show this is before it begins as I’d think the performers wouldn’t like seeing people walk out and it interrupts people trying to watch.

I like that some of the shows gave me a chance to experiment with long exposure shots.

Sink the Jerk was a hit this year. Unfortunately, no one hit the target in the time I was watching.

The new Vampire Disco seemed popular. Guests get headphones that play different music. Judging from comments from other people, 50% think this is cool and something to try while the other 50% think this is cringy. I’d never do it but I think it’s fun anyway. I also like all of the moving lights.

The Devil’s Circus brings back a few familiar acts, along with some new ones. I liked them all, except for the act where a woman starts poking herself with medical needles. I didn’t even bother watching or recording any of that…

The new Wicked Hollow scare zone had a very nice set that looks great both by day and by night.

Krachenwagen has the clown car again!

And now for some of my favourite long exposure shots of the evening…

After touring the park, seeing the shows, and getting some cool pictures, it was time to say goodnight and goodbye…


I had the meat lasagna from Backlot Cafe. Delicious!

Later on I had the butter chicken from Backlot. It was great but too bad they didn’t have any papadum ready.

Trip Video

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