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Oct 28, 2018 Trip Report – Last Call

Trip Notes

I arrived at the park at around 9:45am. Considering the park was closed the day before due to weather, I was concerned to see what would happen today with a more noticeable layer of snow on all of the rides and buildings.

A sigh of relief when my pass was scanned normally at the parking tolls.

It was a pleasant sight to see buildings and rides covered with snow.

Oddly enough, the mountain didn’t have much snow on it.

The park opened for the day, though pretty much all of the rides were still getting ready to open. In the meantime, I took a look at the recent progress on Yukon Striker.

They put one of the rendering banners on this fence. I’m surprised there wasn’t one here all this time as people were referring to the rendering posted at International Showplace and had to turn around to look back at the construction.

The immelman is on its way up and they also have more track pieces nearby to keep going.

Intentional or not, I really liked how they positioned the pieces so nicely for guests to admire. There were many taking selfies and group pictures with them.

This was a cool thing to see as I’ve never been this close to a coaster under construction. From what I gather, they have the threaded rods and nuts to level the column properly, and then fill up the gap with concrete grout.

Eventually, rides started opening. There were a lot of late openings and most coasters were running one train less than usual.

My beloved Sledge Hammer kept e-stopping between successful test cycles and never did open for the day.

I got a couple rides on Behemoth today, which was running quite well even in the cold and with some of the track still covered in snow.

Behemoth has such great views of the park from the station and coming into the final brake run.

Thunder Run also has a nice view from the queue. With Leviathan almost out of this picture, it takes me back to my younger days at the park since Thunder Run was one of our favourites.

At around noon, Leviathan began testing for the day and did open some time after. I got a couple rides in and it was great to see how fast it can still run in the cold.

Also to note, there’s a strict no toques or scarves policy on Leviathan.

I ended up catching up with Toronto Ty of Wonderland Weekly and did some final rides together.

Soon enough, 5pm rolled around. We couldn’t help but stand around near the front gate. There was something so sad yet pleasing to see nearly every group stopping for a photo.

It’s been an absolute dream of a season.


I kinda dropped the ball on last meals because the only one I got was the southwest burger from Coasters. A great meal though!

They’re doing 50% off all food at the park for Halloween night which I wish they did for the last daytime day… I would have totally hit a Poutinerie.

Tyler and I shared a dozen cinnamon and a dozen icing sugar Tiny Tom donuts.


The 2018 CW season recap video is live! Check out some notes from the making of this video on a recent blog post.

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