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October 13 & 14, 2018 Trip Reports – My Nose Says No

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Trip Notes

I arrived at the park at around 10:15am.

After seeing the construction photos from the park during the week, I went straight to the tunnel see that vertical track for myself. It’s amazing!

It looks so strange to see the vertical track sticking out when the trees block the view of the support.

The view on Vortex is so cool when you look straight up at the drop while you fly underneath it.

Over by Canyon Trader, more sheet piles have gone in. The rather close distance between the walls is telling me this will be just as exciting as squeezing through the tunnel!

There’s a new Haunt photo op in Medieval Faire opposite Nightmares. It goes with the Crypt theme which is the new-for-2018 maze nearby.

The new throne is in addition to the coffin photo op nearby next to the Rage which was new last year I believe.

As the day went on, my sinuses were hurting me because of the cold air and breeze. I ended up cutting the day short and resting for the rest of the evening. I could not believe that there were people who showed up with shorts on a day like this.


I had meat lasagna from Backlot. Great as always!

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Trip Notes

After lots of rest the night before, I was ready to go for another day. I got to the park about 15 minutes before rope drop.

With all of the excitement looking up at the track the day before, I didn’t even realize the footers in the lake were poured.

Lines throughout the park were manageable. A couple cycle waits for Thunder Run!

I ended up wandering onto rides I rarely ever do anymore.

I took the usual post-lunch stroll through the kids areas. The trees are all turning colours and there’s lot of activity with Camp Spooky. It’s a lovely place to be!

I don’t think Leviathan’s line ever went longer than a few switchbacks. I hopped in line when I saw it shortened to just past the staircase. Got myself a back row seat!

With the fantastic weather and being so well-rested, I had a really enjoyable day in the park. I hope the rest of the season goes on just as nicely to close out the year!


Southwest burger from Backlot which I haven’t had in a while. As hearty as I remember!

I haven’t had the chicken souvlaki from Backlot ever since that one time I tried it when it was first added to the menu and didn’t really like it. Other than the room temperature naan I ended up throwing out, the meal was filling and delicious!

I got a funnel cake before leaving. How these things always look picture perfect is so impressive to me.

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