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October 20 & 21, 2018 Trip Reports – All I Need is Hot Chocolate and Sledge Hammer

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Trip Notes

I arrived at the park a few minutes after opening. The crowds have been decent this fall where the park doesn’t feel dead but lines are not long at all.

Yukon Striker’s lift hill and drop are complete. It fits perfectly into the park’s skyline. Maybe it’s because we’ve watched the construction so closely but it looks natural as if it’s been there for years.

You really can’t help but admire the structure as you walk near it.

They really did such a good job planning this coaster, down to the colour scheme. It’s great!

Windseeker was open in the morning, which was surprising because of how windy it was. Before the ride started, they specifically said not to extend your legs when the ride is coming down… and then yelled it when the two people on board extended their legs.

It eventually closed for high winds.

The new Haunt bone throne in Medieval Faire got the Haunt logo added to it. I really like how much better recent creations for Haunt have been. You can see the difference in quality when you compare the newest scare zones with older ones.


I had the beef burger from Muskoka Craft Burgers. Excellent!

I had my first meal all planned out… I was going to get both the burger and the park’s signature fall Harvest Ale from Backlot. That plan fell apart pretty quickly.

Backlot regularly opens at noon but, after waiting ten past noon, someone came out and told the line waiting to get in that they’d be opening late at 12:30. I decided to go to Muskoka Craft burgers to get the same meal. It didn’t click with me until after that Muskoka Craft burgers only carries Muskoka Brewery beers, so they didn’t have the park’s Harvest Ale (produced by Great Lakes Brewery). I got the burger, then headed into Medieval Faire to get the beer at the beer cart in front of Spinovator.

I’m not a big drinker at all for reasons so I can’t exactly rate this beer. All I can say is that it went well with the meal.

My second meal was the chicken tender basket from Chicken Shack. This was very good! It’s still suspiciously similar to KFC seasoning and breading…

Since the season is coming to a close, I’m eating whatever I’m in the mood for at the park. I got the apple and cinnamon donuts from Tiny Tom donuts. Their donuts seem to be a very popular fall treat as there was a short line there almost all day. Even as I was eating it, a guest asked me where they could get them.

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Trip Notes

I got to the park at around 10:20am.

It was much colder today so I had a toque and scarf, in addition to my usual two sweaters and jacket I’ve worn for recent visits. Of course my first ride for the day ends up being on the park’s fastest ride…

I have my limits so one go was enough for me. The wind was just too cold to handle.

Looking at Yukon Striker from Leviathan’s exit stairs… Again, this ride looks so good on the skyline.

There were periods of nice sun but the day remained cold. I spent a lot of time walking around and then gravitating back to Sledge Hammer for rides.


I had the butter chicken from Backlot Cafe. It normally comes with half of a full-sized naan but it’s been changed to some of these mini naans. They’re actually nicer than the full-sized naan so I wouldn’t mind if they returned again next season.

The hot chocolate stall near Canyon Trader was open.

I got the french hot chocolate which comes with a strawberry on top. I couldn’t help but laugh at how the strawberry is the only difference between the french and traditional hot chocolates served. They’re both $4.99 so there’s no reason not to go with the french one.

It was nice to see the marshmallows, shaved chocolate, and powered cocoa on top. It tasted good and was welcome on this cold day. There was a subtle mint flavour in it which I don’t particularly like but it doesn’t ruin it.

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