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October 6 & 7, 2018 Trip Reports – The Right Angle

Saturday, October 6, 2018

Trip Notes

I arrived at the park as it opened for the day.

The forecast for the weekend was looking gloomy so it didn’t look like a lot of people were showing up. The weather wasn’t particularly bad for riding in though. (Honestly speaking, I do hold off on riding excessively if it is too cold.)

I made my way through Action Zone toward Behemoth but decided to check out Yukon Striker as I saw the drop peaking out.

Seeing the lift hill climb its way up every weekend was nice but seeing that drop hitting that steep angle is a sight to behold.

At the rate they’re moving, I suspect we’ll see that lift and drop get connected up there before the season is over… I can’t wait!

I was recording a cycle of Sledge Hammer and noticed an attendant put up the closed sign at the entrance of the queue. After that cycle was finished and the ride was unloaded, a group wandered into the Fast Lane queue and completely ignored the “This ride is closed” sign. At that point, they announced over the loudspeakers that the ride was closed. It never reopened for the day so I assumed they were starting to send staff home because of how light the crowds were.

My longest wait at Leviathan all day was a one train wait.

Later on in the day, a nice fog took over. It wasn’t as low or heavy as I’ve experienced in the past on Leviathan but it was still cool.

Leviathan has heaters for the wheels that were turned on today. They give off a really cool glow under the train.

Vortex’s station plays music now. I think it’s the same house music playlist that’s played in Action Zone and sort of took me back to when Paramount put TVs in the stations. I like it but it’s a weird thing to do in the middle of a theme transition.

Over at Backlot Cafe, they have a new “Garden of Evil” patio for Haunt nights. There’s a beer stand and a small stage. They didn’t have this on opening night so I’m not sure if there are any performances there in the evening.

After voicing my concerns about this sign last weekend, it looks like someone was listening. They completely cover the Cornstalkers sign during the day. There is an additional Spirit Manor sign out by Canyon Trader which was there last weekend.

One of the Celebration Canada food booths is now a Gourmet Hot Chocolate stall. Gourmet hot chocolate is also now available at Mountainside Bakery and Cafe, along with the Spookiewich.

The park is dressed up so nicely for the fall that I can’t help but somehow be even more excited to see what they’ve got cooking up for Winterfest next year.

After bouncing between Behemoth, Vortex, and Leviathan for walk-on rides, I was so satisfied with the day, even though I felt a bit sad that Sledge Hammer was closed.


My first meal was the beef burger from Backlot. Everything was nice and fresh!

My second meal was the meat lasagna from Backlot with a dusting of parmesan cheese. It was great.

I know we can’t be trusted but it would be nice for them to leave out a shaker or bowl with the parmesan cheese at the station so we could add it ourselves since the associates don’t consistently offer it.

Sunday, October 7, 2018

Trip Notes

I arrived at the park at around 10am.

With the weather being all gloomy again, I was half-expecting them to keep Sledge Hammer closed. I didn’t ride it yesterday so I went straight for it to see it cycling. I got on for the first cycle of the day.

I stayed on for another go but it faulted while it was loading and had to be checked out.

I spent a lot of time at Sledge Hammer today, mostly trying to get some neat shots by leaving my camera on the platform. While I think I’ll get better video if I try this on a clear day, I am really happy to listen to the audio because it’s as close as it gets to the heart of the ride underground.

Behemoth has a new No In-Out Privileges sign like Leviathan, in that Action Zone styling. I’m definitely happy to see this and I hope people follow what it says.

By 3pm, a light fog and some drizzle moved in so people started leaving. It was surprising to see more people out in the park today than the day before because the weather was worse. I was on the fence on getting a treat but decided to leave it for another weekend. (I’ve got a short list of things to eat at the park before the season is through!)


My stomach was a little queasy in the morning for some reason so I was looking for something warm to eat. I decided on the Backlot butter chicken. I was very happy to see the associate scooping up a nice portion of chicken and covering the rice with that sauce. Fantastic meal!

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