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The Making of the “Canada’s Wonderland 2018” Video, and Reflections on YouTube

My Summer on YouTube

When the summer first started, I was expecting to continue with my YouTube channel how I normally do by going to the park and putting on an effort to record enough to make a trip video. I found that my attitude changed on this pretty early on in the season.

I started putting together trip videos in 2013 when I only visited the park a handful of times. Since I’m there weekly now, putting out a video every week in my style is a lot of work into something that would just result in releasing the same videos over and over since I enjoy taking the same signature shots. I recorded less this season and focused more on taking pictures because I found just as much fun in that. I still managed to put out a number of videos this season which I’m all happy with, even if they’re shorter than what they used to be. (It’s probably better that way.)

Check out my YouTube playlist of all of my 2018 CW videos:

Notes on the 2018 Recap Video

I used to have trouble describing what my “style” was on YouTube but recently someone told me they see it as basically a highlight reel of the day. I quite like that description and it made me realize that a recap video every season is something that is a natural fit for my channel. At first, I almost gave up because I was having trouble to getting it started but I eventually came out in the end with a video I personally enjoy watching.

I’d like to think I put more meaning into certain things I do in my videos that don’t click with people so I thought it would be fun to share some notes from making this video.

Turn up the Contrast

No, it’s not just because my camera sucks sometimes. I actually turned down the contrast on the opening clips and then cranked it up when the title of the video was shown. There’s not really a deeper meaning behind it… I just thought it looked cool while trying to work with some footage off my camera that didn’t look right.

Sorry for the Slideshow

In some of the segments, I opted for a photo slideshow. In those cases, it was because I simply did not have any quality video footage of those events. I personally think it’s fine but it may seem a bit boring or jarring to the flow of the video.

I’d love to keep these recap videos going in future years so this is a lesson to film just slightly more even if I’m not in the mood.

The Only Time You’ll See the Doctor

Remember in my Haunt trip report where I said there was an act in the Devil’s Circus where a lady started poking herself with needles? This short clip is all I have of that act because I stopped recording and watching when I realized what was about to happen. 🙈

Ending With the Big 3

Behemoth, Leviathan, and Yukon Striker. What a lovely family!

The video ends with a shot of Yukon Striker… because you know that’s what will likely open the 2019 season recap video!

The Song is Weird, I Know

The song is “. . . Lost” by Shallou, who’s song I also used in the 2017 video. I like these songs for this kind of video. This particular song has a strange opening and ending but I couldn’t figure out a way around it, even though I chopped up this song up to make it work for me.

Thanks for Watching!

I put together these videos to share with the world online but also for my own viewing pleasure. (Why do you think I made so many Sledge Hammer videos this year?) I hope you enjoy them too. Thank you for taking the time to watch!

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