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Wonderland Sweet Treats! – 2018 Edition

Satisfying My Sweet Tooth (for Once)!

After a few seasons of easing off of Wonderland a bit, I was back to weekly visits in 2016. I decided not to get the meal plan in 2016 so forking over money for food every weekend didn’t leave me with much motivation to spend any extra cash on desserts. In 2017, I purchased the meal plan and, even though I got my money’s worth, I still didn’t buy any fun snacks. This finally changed in 2018, albeit a bit late into the season. I’m already looking forward to revisiting some of my favourites and more in 2019!

My 2018 Sweet Treat Journal

Here’s every sweet treat I purchased at the park during the 2018 season, ordered by date by default.

ItemDatePrice I Paid (CDN$ w/tax includ.)Location
Funnel Cake Frapp (tall)July 15$2.47 (50% off with app)Starbucks (International Street)
CookiewichJuly 28$3.66 (50% off with app)Mountainside Bakery & Cafe (Action Zone)
CookiewichAugust 19$3.66 (50% off with app)Mountainside Bakery & Cafe (Action Zone)
Tiny Tom Donuts (Apple n Cinnamon)August 26$6.50Tiny Tom Donuts (International Festival)
Iced Capp (small)September 3$2.10 (Passholder appreciation wkend price)Tim Horton's (International Street)
Beavertail (Maple)September 9$9.90Beavertails (International Festival)
Beavertail (Oreo)September 15$0 (Included with ACE event)Beavertails (Action Zone)
Strawberry Funnel CakeOctober 14$12.77 (Passholder discount applied)Alphorn Funnel Cakes (International Street)
Tiny Tom Donuts (Apple n Cinnamon)October 20$6.50Tiny Tom Donuts (International Festival)
Gourmet Hot ChocolateOctober 21$5.65Gourmet Hot Chocolate stall (WWC area)
Tiny Tom Donuts ( Cinnamon)October 28$6.50Tiny Tom Donuts (International Festival)

Notice how about half of the treats were purchased with app or season pass discounts… I’ll always be cheap. I’d advise anyone to check the app for random deals and to always see if they can apply the season pass food discount to their sweet purchases!

The Sweetest of the Sweetest

While I do personally have a go-to treat, I can’t exactly crown any as an absolute best of the best. There’s great things going for all of these foods so it’s nice to just focus on their pros. Let’s have a look!

Best Flavour Variety: Beavertail

Look at all of those options!

In addition to the nine options on the menu, Wonderland typically has their own exclusive flavour throughout the season. This year, it was the Cottontail Beavertail which was cotton candy and vanilla icing, though I found it was literally impossible to find it in the park from my handful of unsuccessful attempts to try one. In the fall, they brought out the Smores Beavertail which was more readily available and seemed to be popular, for good reason.

Of the few flavours I’ve tried, I personally enjoy the Oreo (or cookies and cream) Beavertail.

Quick Beavertails Info

Locations: International Street, Action Zone (Chicken Shack), Splashworks (during Splashworks operating season), Medieval Faire (typically Fall only)

Expect to Spend: ~$7-$10

Most Shareable Treat: Funnel Cake

So I’ve put this under Most Shareable Treat… but that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to share!

Funnel cakes have become a tradition among many who have visited the park – You just have to get one before you leave. (However, I wouldn’t leave it for the last minute as it can actually be one of the last queues in the park to clear out after closing time!)

There are several funnel cake flavours to choose from at locations around the park, including smores, cookies and cream, and the fall seasonal pumpkin spice funnel cake. Personally, I like fruits on the funnel cake so I’ve stuck to the classic strawberry funnel cake so far.

Quick Funnel Cakes Info

Locations: International Street, Medieval Faire, Planet Snoopy

Expect to Spend: ~$12-$14

Great on a Hot Day: Tim’s Iced Capp, Starbucks Frapp, or Cookiewich

Cold drinks or an ice cream sandwich are great options to cool off during the sweaty days of summer.

The park’s Starbucks and Tim Horton’s are at your service with their own specialty cold frappe and iced capp drinks. If you’re looking for something cold to munch on instead, a Cookiewich is just what the doctor ordered! Grab one at the Mountainside Bakery & Cafe, have a seat on the grass, and enjoy a cold treat while admiring the great view of Vortex… and Yukon Striker!

Quick Starbucks Frappe Info

Locations: International Street

Expect to Spend: ~$4-$7

Quick Tim Hortons Iced Capp Info

Locations: International Street, Kidzville

Expect to Spend: ~$2-$4

Quick Cookiewich Info

Locations: Mountainside Bakery & Cafe

Expect to Spend: ~$7

My Personal Go-To: Tiny Tom Donuts

Tiny Tom’s will typically be my first choice if I’m looking for a sweet snack at the park. The price is the same for all flavours and they’re always open and pumping out fresh soft donuts all day. There are a few flavours to choose from. My favourite is the cinnamon and apple.

Make sure to have a look at your donuts floating (and flipping) along through the fryer at the side window!

Quick Tiny Tom’s Donuts Info

Locations: International Festival

Expect to Spend: $6.50

What Treats Await in 2019?

As Wonderland’s food offerings evolve, who knows what sweet delights await us in 2019, especially with the debut of Winterfest in November!


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