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Jan 6, 2019 Trip Report – C’mon and Zoom!

I hope you had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

For Christmas, I treated myself to a new camera. Since then, I’ve been looking for places to go play with it before the Wonderland season starts. (You’ll see the results of that soon on the blog too.) I couldn’t help myself and ended up taking quick trip to the area around Wonderland to see what my camera could pick up.

There is a small field south of the park that offers some great views of the skyline and Behemoth. It was my first time walking those trails which are honestly so nice on their own even if Wonderland weren’t looming in the distance.

I’ll have to come back to this area during the season to get some pictures of Behemoth since I’ve only ever taken pictures of it in Splashworks.

Yukon Striker makes its mark on the skyline even without a bright colour scheme like its neighbours.

I stopped right behind the treeline next to Canada’s Wonderland Drive as I didn’t want to get too close. The lens on my camera isn’t very long range but cropping the images afterward still come out just fine.

This was my first time seeing the completed immelmann in person. I can’t wait to get a look of it up close once the season starts!

Naturally, I kept trying to see Sledge Hammer but it was hidden behind trees every time I tried to get a look.

Really, I kept trying… 😛

I headed to the front of the park to get some views I’m more familiar with seeing. I found it easier to admire the immelmann and zero-g roll/winder from here. Hopefully we’ll be able to see the loop from here too once it goes up!

Again, although the optical zoom of the lens isn’t very far and the camera doesn’t have built-in digital zoom, cropping the pictures afterward didn’t turn out as bad as I was expecting. The midday lighting on the Mountain created so many cool shadows all over.

It’s amazing to think about how much Cedar Fair has changed the skyline over the years. Who knows what they’ll come up with next!

And that’s it from this quick spin around the area!

Important Note: I checked with the park to make sure I didn’t overstep any boundaries before publishing this post. If you decide you want to take pictures this off-season, remember that the park is a closed private property. This includes the parking lot. I stayed off of Canada’s Wonderland Drive and never left the sidewalk when looking at the park from Jane Street.

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