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Saying Farewell to Orbiter

The Confirmation

On February 4, 2019, Amusement Insiders posted a video which included an official statement from the park that confirms that 2018 was the last season for Orbiter. The ride was also removed from the park’s website at some point within the last couple of days.

Screencap Feb 2, 2019

The History of Orbiter

Orbiter is¬†was one of the original 1981 thrill rides that opened with Canada’s Wonderland. It debuted with the name “Sol Loco” and, in 2002, it was renamed to “Orbiter”. The ride model is a HUSS Skylab and was one of the last operating Skylabs in the world at the time of its removal.

In the mid-2000’s, the ride did not open early in the season and had signage and an appearance that suggested it was in the process of being removed. In those seasons, the ride eventually was opened later in the season. Rumours of the removal of Orbiter to make way for the relocation of Flight of Fear from Kings Dominion (or a B&M floorless coaster themed to Footloose) were floated around but were squashed once Cedar Fair took over and we received Behemoth in 2008.

Over the years, the area around Orbiter changed with new additions. The entrance to the ride was originally where the Coasters restaurant is today but was relocated to the plaza near Behemoth and Sledge Hammer.

Even with all of these changes to the landscaping around the ride, a small statue had always stuck around, becoming a fun easter egg to point out by park enthusiasts. (I have to go digging through my pictures to find it!)

You Will Be Missed

The reason why I will miss this ride so much is because it is a staple in a lot of my memories growing up with the park and hanging around in that area so much. (You know why.) With all of the changes to the park and the area in particular, the ride had survived it all up until this point.

There were many guests who were still looking forward to riding this classic right up to its final days. (I was recently watching one of my Sledge Hammer videos and someone in the background exclaims, “No, let’s do Orbiter first!”) I used to think it was too intense for me… but I eventually realized that if I loosened up and relaxed, it became a quite enjoyable experience.

And you thought you wouldn’t get a life lesson out of this blog post.

Farewell, Orbiter. You had a good run.

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