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Sledge Hammer Model 2018/2019 Edition: Update #1 – Intro and Arms

Initiate Upgrade!

Every off-season, I try taking on a main project to keep me busy. This year’s project was going to be a fountain show but parts for it got lost in the Canada Post strike so nothing really happened during the first month of the offseason. That’s when I started looking for something else to do…

Remember this Sledge Hammer model? I introduced it to the internet in a blog post last year when Sledge Hammer celebrated its 15th birthday. When delays started piling up on the fountain show project parts, I somehow ended up looking back at this model and decided on another attempt.

The Main Goal: Move It!

With the original model, all I wanted was a static model of the ride but I still wanted it to be able to be positioned in different poses. Unfortunately, that never worked out, but I was still happy with it since it resembled the actual ride anyway.

This time around, I’m working hard to get it to move. I’ve shaped the pieces larger so it’s more sturdy and has that beefy appearance that the actual ride does. There will also be electronics involved to get it to rotate and jump. At least, that’s the plan, anyway.

Creating an Army of Arms

The first bit of progress I made was making the arms. After figuring out a shape I liked, I duplicated it.

On the original model, the arms were a single layer of foam core board, which is the material that this project is mostly made out of. This time around, I made the arms larger by making 3D shapes with the foam board. With this process, I had to duplicate the arm shape 12 times to make the 6 arms.

This was the “prototype” arm which includes the wooden dowel pieces that will be used as connection points to the tower and lifting crown.

Once I got one arm completely assembled and was happy with it, I duplicated all of the pieces 6 times.

Laying out the arms in a circle, I could get a better idea of how wide the project would be. I should probably mention now that there are pretty much no calculations being done here…

Updates Are Coming!

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you may have already seen the progress updates on this project. I will continue to do “live” updates there but the blog is where I’ll be able to get into more detail and share more pictures. Blog updates will typically be weekly.

Thanks for reading!

Update #1 Photo Gallery

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