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Sledge Hammer Model Update #2 – Spin Me Right Round

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Building a Spinning Tower

With the arms readied, it’s time to get work on the tower itself. The main focus right now is to get the top portion of the model complete before worrying about the final foundation… which is probably a terrible way to approach it but getting the model to spin is part of the big objective here.

I began by using the width of the completed arms to make a 12-sided polygon, with 6 of the sides the width of the arms where they will pivot from the tower. Once I had a shape I liked, I made holes for the wooden dowels which will be used as the guide rails for the section that lifts the arms.

The next steps were to “extrude” the shape to create the base of what will spin the ride. I then began working out a way to attach the arms to it while also allowing it to move freely. I’m using the wooden dowels and some PVC pipe to achieve this here and at several other points on the model.

For the crude guides for the rails, I made three of these shapes to go inside of the base.

Now it was time to create something that would allow all of this to spin on top of the tower. I made this terrible lazy susan using some bearings I had lying around. While it looked really bad, it was actually able to spin.

Things are starting to take shape!

Update #2 Photo Gallery

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