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Sledge Hammer Model Update #4 – Next Level

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Ooh, Shiny!

Because of the issues I was having with some of my homemade parts, I decided to do some shopping. I purchased some linear bearings and stainless steel rods, as well as some stepper motor parts. I laughed seeing a pack of Rockets candy in the package. These are from Spool3D Canada.

I also purchased a lazy susan bearing that’s not pictured here.

Even though there isn’t a whole lot of measuring going on in this project, I lucked out and ended up with a diameter that had a lazy susan to match.

The silver finish of the lazy susan looks quite snazzy, though I’m not sure if it will end up getting covered later yet.

Also seen in this picture are the new stainless steel rods and linear bearings in place. They make the whole piece move up and down so much better, even if not everything is quite square.

To put in the lazy susan, I had to take apart my old homemade lazy susan which was sitting on top of a janky structure. I took the opportunity to find something more stable and polished. I had this block of plastic lying around so I’m using it as a foundation.

I drilled some holes for some wooden dowels. Pipes holding up the model will sit on top of these.

They are spaced out to match some rubber feet on the lazy susan. Those plastic feet eventually fell out which made me realize I could stick some screws through it to partially go into the pipe to better connect it.

Update 4 Photo Gallery

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