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Sledge Hammer Model Update #5 – Catch These Hands

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It’s Gondola Time

Making some of the shapes in this project has been quite the task at times. It’s a lot of trial and error until I get something I’m satisfied with. Once I have one prototype modeled, I duplicate it if needed.

To get the thickness I wanted on the gondolas, all of the shapes are doubled up, which meant even more cutting and gluing than if it were just one layer.

Even though I’m far from finishing, it is quite satisfying to complete each step along the way.

I attached all of the gondola motors that were prepared in the previous update to my gondolas, and then attached those to the model. The seats of the gondolas will be added in the final touches stage.

I also added in a motor to move the lazy susan. So far it works, but it sometimes moves like it has a flat tire. I may revisit it later on but it’ll do for now.

Update 5 Photo Gallery

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