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Sledge Hammer Model Update #8 – This high!

Click here to read Update #7.

Push It to the Limit

Since my first two attempts at getting some height position readings didn’t work out, I ended up with something slightly less up-to-date but still more reliable. I’m putting trust into the stepper motor to keep accurate.

I’m using two limit switches that mark the lowest and highest points that the model can move to. With those two points, I can move the stepper motor a certain number of steps within that range. So far, it has been great.

Tidy Up (Part 1 of ???)

The driver circuit board that runs the stepper motor is that red board on the left. Since connections to that board are finalized and won’t change from this point, I decided to solder together a board for it. Soldering anything will help from connections breaking free which continues to be a problem…

Finding Home

I’m addicted to using those hall effect sensors…

I have two sensors that detect a magnet on the lazy susan that the entire model spins on. When the cycle is finishing up, it will slow down when it hits the first sensor, and then come to a stop at the second sensor which marks the final home position.

Update 8 Photo Gallery

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