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A Pre-2019 Season Deep Breath

I did one of these posts before the season began last year and I loved looking back from the end to see how things went on. Let’s have another go at it again!

Diving Into a New Season!

Of course, new for 2019 is Yukon Striker! I hope to get on it on Preview Night but I’m also trying to keep my expectations in check… I know it’s going to be the one thing everyone is going to race for first and I don’t want to spend my entire evening in line (since I likely won’t be there for the full 4.5 hours) so it’s not the end of the world if I don’t get to ride it that night. Besides, I’ll be here all summer to enjoy it!

There’s also lots of NEW in that area with the formation of Frontier Canada. There’s the new Mess Hall, Miners Cafe, and Goldrush Junction food locations to check out, along with other theming for the area and Yukon Striker.

Arriving With an Appetite

As mentioned, there are newly built food locations in Frontier Canada which will have items on the meal plan. There’s also additional menu items on the meal plan elsewhere, particularly the fact that everything at Backlot Cafe is now available for meal plan members. With all of the meals I had throughout the past couple of seasons, I realized that I take the program for granted as once the off-season hits I don’t have lunch just handed to me. I am looking forward to eating around the park once again!

In terms of special events, I intend to be around for all them. Taste of Italy and Taste of Greece are making their returns for another year, along with a new festival: Taste of Mexico! I am very excited to experience this collection of Taste events!

And finally, there’s lots of sugar to go around at Wonderland with all of the sweet treats available around the park. I don’t expect to go overboard (gotta stay some form of healthy!) but I would like to spread them out over the year, rather than buy them all when I start to feel like the season is quickly ending which is what happened last year.

Eyes on the Stage

The live entertainment at Wonderland has become something I look for more closely when compared to just a few seasons ago. I am looking forward to the new “Tundra” show, a refresh of the Cirque show at Canterbury Theatre (formerly Wonderland Theatre). I am also looking forward to seeing what they will do with the nighttime show “Starlight Spectacular” now that it has completely dropped the Northern Reflections tag. I really would have liked for them to bring back the original Northern Reflections show, but at this point I can only dream of them doing that during Celebration Canada but it’s unlikely.

Snap! 📷

I bought a new camera over the off-season and am looking forward to experimenting and getting better at long exposure photography and just taking pictures in general. I don’t plan on taking it to the park for every visit, since it’s much larger, so you’ll still see things from my previous camera still.

Hitting the Road

For trips outside of Wonderland, at the very least I will make it back to Cedar Point to make it an annual tradition. From there, I’d like to hit other parks but it depends on how much time I get off from work.

A New Holiday Tradition

I am SO happy that our off-season will now be shorter thanks to Winterfest coming this November! I am looking forward to seeing all of the live shows, special food offerings, and the park all lit up on those evenings!

The Sledge Model…

The Sledge Hammer model is coming along though with some ways to go still. I would have liked to have it all closed up in time for the new season since I spend all of my spare time at the park and won’t have much left for it. I’ve also fallen off of updating the project here on the blog but will get around to catching up soon, likely in quick succession once it is closer to completion. Twitter and Instagram [Stories] have been a nice and simple way to update the project online anyway.

Where I’ll Be!

As usual, I’ll be blurting out things online.

Here’s where I’ll be:

  • YOUTUBE: More videos coming up on my YouTube channel for another season! I have a couple ideas but the main videos will be in the style that I’m used to doing.
  • TWITTER: Live-tweeting and making lame jokes on Twitter as usual.
  • INSTAGRAM (Stories): I’m still inconsistent with posting on my Instagram page but I like sharing on my Story.
  • BLOG: Regular photo trip reports will be back for another year!

I have been fortunate enough to meet many great people throughout last season, both online and in person. While I still am not into joining meet-ups at the parks, I still hope to meet more amazing people through this wonderful hobby!

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