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May 11, 2019 Trip Report – Strike a Pose

Trip Notes

I arrived at the park just before 10am with Tyler.

The season pass processing centre occasionally acts as an additional park entrance on busy days but I noticed today that they installed several more metal detectors. There were only two there previously as guests getting their season pass processed could enter the park straight away through the building. I guess we’ll be seeing this available more often this season, which is a great thing!

We did Vortex a couple times in the front. There are two really great near-misses that are created by Yukon Striker supports. I thought the one exiting the helix would have been the creepier one, but there’s actually one before that that’s even better. The effect is best for both near-misses when you sit on the right side of the train.

Over by the candy apples store that’s connected to the Sweet Shoppe on International Street, they’ve done a bit of renovating. The corner off to the right of the image used to be bulk candy but has been cleared out to make a larger kitchen for the candy apples. There is still fudge off to the left but it now shares the spot with a hot popcorn display. I’m guessing all of this is in preparation for Winterfest where we can expect many nice holiday treats!

They’ve put down sod around Yukon Striker as well as the former Orbiter area. They also painted the tunnel a dark brown. I didn’t ride it today so I’m not sure how it affects the ride experience.

The pathway between Yukon Striker and Kidzville has opened!

Muskoka Beach Wear (formerly Splash Surf Shop) and the rest of the building has received dark green wooden paneling over top of the exterior concrete walls. The washrooms in that building are now accessible from outside of Splashworks, making them available all season long!

The buildings in Frontier Canada are still being completed but they do look great so far! The Goldrush Junction, which will serve funnel cakes and other treats along with being a refresh station, looks about ready as there wasn’t any active construction going on there.

There was a lot of activity inside of the Mess Haul as the interior is still in a rather early stage.

And then there’s the Miner’s Cafe, which was the Minebuster Bar last season… I suppose, being the smallest location, it’ll be the quickest one to complete.

The path opens up a lot of great views of Yukon Striker.

One thing I found interesting about Yukon Striker is that people actually put their hands up which I always thought was uncommon for rides with over-the-shoulder restraints. Always great to see people enjoying themselves which is why I love the atmosphere at Wonderland.

In other news, the school bands apparently have other places at the park where they perform. Pictured here is Action Theatre. It’s usually held exclusively at Kingswood so I’m unsure whether there’s a conclusion to be drawn from this…

The Crash Team Racing overlay at Speed City Raceway seems about as far as it’ll go, now that it has new signs finally acknowledging the theme. I still like it because it isn’t in your face like a regular ad, even though it is one.

Thanks for reading!


My first meal was the Enright Beef Burger with kettle chips at Backlot Cafe. I always love this burger because of its fresh ingredients so no complaints here. It was funny how much vegetables were put in by the associate as I ended up dumping out most of it and created a side salad (which I didn’t even eat). Better too much than too little!

I still find it baffling that there are no fountain drinks at Backlot Cafe… but you can still purchase a souvenir cup here. A good tip with this is to stop by the International Street refresh station (or the Expo one, whenever it actually opens) for a drink before you get to Backlot for food.

For my second meal, I had the fish and chips from Coasters. It was good, though I’ve never been a fan of the coleslaw since the one they serve has more of a vinegar taste while I prefer creamy.

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