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May 18/19/20, 2019 Trip Report – Victoria Day Long Weekend

Saturday, May 18, 2019

Trip Notes

This was my first multi-day Wonderland weekend of the year, and it happened to be a long one!

On Saturday, I arrived at around 9:30.

I saw a few interesting things on International Street. They installed some rails to hold banners. I’m not sure if they’ll be for Canada Day or if they may go with the “International” Street theme and put up different country flags.

Also on the lamp posts, they installed outlets. I have no clue what those are for.

Along the Royal Fountain, they have some concrete poured with conduit sticking out. I assume it’s for Starlight since they don’t have the spotlights mounted on the railings anymore. If I had to guess, I’d say we’ll probably see those vertical lattice supports for lights like at Kings Island. I don’t think they look that great at KI but I think it may work better here since they can stay hidden between the trees.

They also installed speakers along the tops of the buildings on International Street and removed the large speakers on poles that were in some of the planters.

Thanks to the single rider line, I was able to walk onto the first train of the day on Yukon Striker. Honestly, that line has made waiting so much more comfortable for me that it’s been the ride I’ve ridden the most this season so far – even more than Sledge.

Unfortunately, line jumping was rampant throughout the weekend, particularly in the single rider line with people meeting up with their group already in line. (I still don’t understand groups who go into the single rider line and then suddenly make a fuss about riding alone once they’re at the top of the stairs.) It happened every single day this weekend.

Goldrush Junction had opened gradually over the weekend with the refresh centre first and then the funnel cake side by Monday. At this point, it only serves the strawberry funnel cake – no Golden Nugget (deep fried butter) that was original advertised as a special for Monday.

I caught the tail end of the WoofJocks show. I made sure to check it out again later in the weekend.


My first meal was the southwest burger from Coasters. It’s one of my favourite meals, though I wish they’d melt the cheese on it.

My second meal was my first taste of the Miners Cafe that opened up this week. This is the crispy lemon chicken, and it’s great! Perhaps my only remark would be a little bit more sauce to go around because I ended up with just plain white rice getting down to the bottom of the bowl.

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Trip Notes

I arrived at the park at around 9am for some Behemoth ERT. They had two signs right at the entrance stating that Yukon Striker will be closeing at 8pm. That was expected since rides and the paths nearby close early because the fireworks are literally shot from a regular walkway.

This was the first Behemoth ERT of the season so it was the first time seeing the rope drop from here. There was a long path block across between Coasters and Slingshot, and then another at the Orbiter pathway on the Frontier Canada side. I’m not sure if this was because there was a private group enjoying Windseeker (and possibly other rides but I didn’t take note) but I had guessed coming in that they would do the rope drop at the bridge into Frontier Canada.

The rope drop went rather well though. Not much running or shoving as I’ve experienced in the past.

I made my way through the crowd into the single rider line. Again, I love that they have that so much!

I ended up doing Skyhawk. My wings were still limited in tilt but there was a bit of a breeze to help me get going. I find it takes more effort to keep flipping and I can’t get those out-of-control spins I used to get before.

In any case, my body can’t handle it anymore as I felt so sore after.

Today was a Sledge Hammer appreciation day for me (though any day is). The ride was performing exceptionally well, even though there are two gondolas down. I didn’t see it go down once all day, and it kept going enough to accumulate a near-full queue. The crew was great at persuading people into all available seats since capacity is a bit less, and because it hurts capacity more to have guests go back in line to wait for the next cycle.


I had the butter chicken from Backlot Cafe. Great as always with a fantastic portion size. I’m not sure if it’s because they didn’t have any papadum, but the associate threw in a samosa which is normally not included. The samosa was really good!

Monday, May 20, 2019

Trip Notes

Today was the celebration for Wonderland’s 38th birthday (which is actually on the 23rd). I got some rides on Behemoth, Yukon Striker, and Sledge Hammer, before eventually making my way to International Street to catch a couple shows for the Peanuts dance party.

It’s going to sound cringe and childish (well, more than I usually sound) but this has become one of my favourite events to see every season. I love seeing guests jumping around with smiles on their faces. It’s also something that makes me reflect on how much this park has impacted my life in so many ways.

After the first show at 12:30, they handed out cupcakes!

In past years it was an actual cake and they’d have several after every show. I think there are more showtimes this year so it may have been too much to do after each show.

The Peanuts characters were available for photos after the shows.

I caught a full WoofJocks show with Tyler later on the day.

I don’t have a dog but I like that there’s an educational aspect to the show as they talk about how dogs behave and how to train your own pets.

All in all, I had a great weekend at the park. Still, I can’t wait to get back!


My first meal was the chicken burger from the Muskoka Burger Bar. It came out suspiciously fast but it was ok. I love the Chippery chips!

My second meal was the meat lasagna from Backlot Cafe. Delicious!

ps Please bring back fountain drinks to Backlot…

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