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June 1/2, 2019 Trip Report – Go for a Spin

Saturday, June 1, 2019

Trip Notes

I arrived at the park with Tyler at around 11:45.

It was a pretty laid back day for us in terms of riding. I believe we only did Sledge Hammer and Yukon Striker.

We saw Vortex and Yukon Striker sync up, twice, and both times neither of us were filming. This picture is about as close as I got to any recording of a sync… I’ll eventually get it.

The new Grab and Go Market is just about ready to open with the shelves stocked with fruit and sandwiches.

We took a walk through Splashworks which always gives nice views that I tend to forget about since I spend most of my time in the dry park.

This is my favourite picture of the day. It’s the falls over at White Water Canyon. I really enjoy how peaceful it is back there.

Let’s go Raptors!


This was my first time trying the fried chicken at Roadside Chicken. It was good and I’d probably get it again at some point. It did have a lot of fat to scrape off but that’s normal for fast food chicken.

A new tray of butter chicken had just come out so it was hot and fresh. Good stuff.

Sunday, June 2, 2019

Trip Notes

I arrived at the park at around 9:15 to catch some ERT on Leviathan. It was raining on my way to the park so I decided to leave my camera in the car and go back for it when the rain cleared up. I ended up not going back for it because I was having a nice time going bag-less at the park.

I got two walk-on rides before it became a staircase wait. With the weather still a bit cool and damp, I decided to stop with Leviathan because I didn’t want to catch a cold.

I got a ride on Dragon Fyre and then hopped over to Riptide. Riptide is almost 20 years old but I still find it’s such a good ride.

I ended up taking a ride on Spinovator and I gotta say… I forgot how fun and forceful this ride is. I haven’t been on this ride in ages and now I feel like I’ve been missing out all these years.

I took a ride on Thunder Run which is such a good trip down memory lane. It was missing the arch lights at the end of the ride but hopefully those will be on the next time I ride it. It’s my favourite element of the ride, right behind Herman (the dragon) of course!

I noticed they installed new LED flood lights at Drop Tower, Riptide, and Psyclone. There are probably more rides that got them as well.

I rode all three B&Ms today but I still can’t get myself to rank them. They’re all great rides.

Sledge hadn’t moved for the entire time I was at the park today, which concerns me.

It was a fun weekend.


This isn’t what I ordered.

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